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  Sculptures by Anti Glamour.

Sex Questions From 7th Graders






A middle school teacher receives adorably clueless questions from young adolescents all day long, look and has collected and posted the questions on a tumblr, order

I teach at a middle school in a major American city. I have a box in my class that students put questions in that they’re too embarrassed to ask aloud. Every so often, I answer them in class. The Questions are almost always about sex. So that’s what this is. Updated twice daily. Oh, also, they put gum there too. They can be real fuckers sometimes.

Girls Unawares



Girl Unawares some wild 3D imagery.

Kerstin Zu Pan


Weird ass rainbow shit from Kerstin Zu Pan

The Frogs’ Bollocks Animation

The Frogs’ Bollocks and Other Assorted Bollocks a fucking hilarious animation by  Stephen Ong. The short film features animals and their big old testicles flopping all the fuck around.


Ellen Schinderman





Ellen Schinderman creates some fun needle point porn scenes. Ms. Schinderman is a candidate for best grandma in 2059.

Andrea Mary Marshall



Andrea Mary Marshall

“A Woman is a beast. She is as lovely as she is repulsive. She is one part demon and one part goddess…one part slave, viagra one part muse…one part child and one part mother…these contradictions are what make a woman so intoxicating.” – Andrea Mary Marshall

Steingrim Veum

Norwegian artist Steingrim Veum and some wacky fun orgy scenes.

Photo Of The Day 06.12.12


Todd James

Gregory Bojorquez

Todd James, thumb solo show, generic Yield To Temptation at Nanzuka Gallery in Tokyo.

The Goblin Universe

Fun irreverent photographs by Emma Arvida Byström.


New Image Art gallery in Los Angeles presents “The Goblin Universe” featuring the works of Matt Furie and Michelle Devereux. Matt Furie returns to New Image Art with a new cast of hyper colored phantoms, treatment monster sluts, information pills and other mythical creatures sure to melt your sci-fi loving hearts. This month New Image Art welcomes newcomer Michelle Devereux in her first West Coast exhibition. With her series titled “Dudes on Pizza” Devereux renders four of her pals surfing on pizza slices using colored pencil and airbrushed backgrounds with a perfectly 1980’s appeal and technical precision alongside some of her other fantastical characters and scenes created for this show.

New Image Art
7920 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood
CA 90046


Emma Arvida Byström

Fun irreverent photographs by Emma Arvida Byström.

Censorship Towel

Censorship towel designed by carmichael collective

Pleasure In Your Hands – Playboy Ad

Isn’t this just fucking adorably smart? Print advertising campaign for Playboy magazine done by Neogama/BBH in Sao Paulo.

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