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footage of lebron james getting dunked over sparks reveal of hot girls ba dunk a dunk tapes

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Now that the long awaited footage of Lebron James getting dunked over has finally surfaced, recipe ba dunk a dunk tapes from all over the country have begun flooding the internet.

Sam Raimi to Direct World of Warcraft Movie

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World of Warcraft babes come out of their parents homes and go wild.

national ice cream day

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Local girl offering free licks.

tour de france stage 14

tour de france stage 14 15 16 17 results

Tour De France stage 14 result, buy more about was won by Russian Serguei Ivanov with American George Hincapie moving up to second overall. He attributes some of the credit to his new bike seat.

NEWS UPDATE: Most bikers still insist that uncomfortable bike seats reduce headwind.

home run derby 2009 results

home run derby 2009 Prince Fielder

2009 Home Run Derby winner Prince Fielder invites babes over to his hotel room for the official home run derby contest. Babes worry they’ll only get to second base. Prince Fielder promises grandslams.

ryan seacrest signs 45 million dollar contract

ryan seacrest fan club contract

American Idol teenie fans kindly ask that Seacrest donate 1 million to the I hate Ryan Seacrest fanclub.

NEWS UPDATE: what the f! 45 million really?

Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger Not Pregnant

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Emma Watson, doctor 19, star of the Harry Potter films, is not pregnant. Daniel Rawcliffe aka Harry Potter, however is desperately attempting baby making spells with his baby making magic wand.

NEWS UPDATE: Internet browsers lose interest in Emma Watson when told she is actually 19 years of age.

Emma Watson, 19, star of the Harry Potter films, is not pregnant. Daniel Rawcliffe however is desperately attempting baby making spells with his baby making magic wand.

obama checking out some booty ass, enacts new ass check law

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obama booty ass girl checks out President Obama appreciates a good butt. He just initiated a bill that allows booty checking in the work place legal. Bail outs will be given to companies that enact this new law.

jessica alba to attend mj’s memorial

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Jessica Alba will be attending Michael Jackson’s memorial at the staple center. She entered the controversial lottery to be buried with MJ, medications no word on if she has won.

NEWS UPDATE: Lucky 14 year old boy wins lottery to be buried alive with skeletor Michael Jackson. Congrats kid.

steve mcnair and sahel kazemi found displaying public affection

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Steve McNair former NFL quarter back, dosage will be fined for PDA (Public Display of Affection) with his girlfriend of seven months. Although Sahel Kazemi was also found guilty of these crimes, approved she won’t be charged for obvious reasons. However Mcnairs wife to pay for both fines. Photos of their hand holding and eskimo kisses will hurt chances of an appeal for the PDA fine.

UPDATE: Steve McNair’s wife PO’ed.

miley cyrus pregnant pictures

miley cyrus pregnant nude

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A lactating miley cyrus has been sending nude photos of herself to her potential fathers of her baby. Who’s my baby’s daddy song being recorded this week. Leaked tracks will be available shortly.

iphone users can still whore it up in style

iphone polaroid nude

The recent discontinutation of polaroid films had emo scene girls in a serious panic. Thankfully iphone has several polaroid style effects for the digital camera that mimick the classic high art slut look. Now once again anyone can pretend to be a photographer and trick girls into posing topless. Cheers!

toe fetish lovers are confused about toe thumbs on hands.



Megan Fox, visit web star of the upcoming Transformer 2 movie, site has confused many toe fetish lovers. “I want to see a topless naked Megan Fox, and but at the same time what the deal with that thumb?” asks 15 year old aspiring toe fetish perv.

NEWS UPDATE: Megan Fox will be topless in the upcoming Thumb Wars episode 4 dvd.

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