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South Park Live Action Movie

Reports are coming in that creators of South Park, cialis 40mg Matt Stone and Trey Parker, try are in talks of adapting their beloved cartoon South Park, into a live action movie. Casting is still in preliminary phase, but there is a good chance that the ass of Sasha Grey will play face of Cartman.


The difference in risk of seriously injuring oneself, viagra sale between grinding the slippery rails on a bmx bike and grinding the slippery tail on a bmx’ed babe, is only slight. But one activity can substantially injure your lil’ rider more.

From a Seed Grows a Tree…

A young Steve Jobs never imagined that an apple filled ass would, about it because of Apple, turn into an ass filled with money.


Archeologists Uncover Rare Rearmains

After decades of tireless research, look archeologists in South America, have finally uncovered the rearmains of the elusive Veloc-Rear-Raped-Her, a dino who lived (and raped) during the jurASSic age. Said one scientist on scene, “I’ll tell you one thing, my wife might look like a triceratops, but she’d never go for this.”

Street Fighter IV Helps Japan

Ryu from Street Fighter is feeling a lil’ bummed after his dojo floated away during the tragic tsunami. In an attempt to cheer him up, adiposity Bison took some sexy Cammy photos and forwarded to him, this site we managed to hack Ryu’s phone and are sharing the photos with you all. If you want to  be like Bison and Cammy and cheer up and help other fellow Japanese victims feel free to purchase Street Fighter iV for iphone HERE, proceeds go towards Japanese relief efforts.

Change In Direction

Babezatron will now only post photos of lamps that look like babes spreading their legs, online hope you enjoy our new direction.

My Friend’s 1st Reaction

This was my friend’s first reaction upon seeing this babe – slow lean forward; loud exhale; “I was gonna show you something funny, what is ed but I’d rather peep this.”

Group of Friends Leave Friend’s Behind

Park walking friends leave friend behind. Friend’s naked behind has no problem making new friends.

Movie Quotez #02

How would you like to bite that in the ass, this develop lock jaw and be draged to death

“How would you like to bite that in the ass, develop lock jaw and be dragged to death?”

Proof Is In the Pudding

Local divorcee blames himself for local divorce, more about ” my wife had always had suspected that I had been cheating on her, medical   and we’ll when she found my secretary ass naked in our tub filled with  chocolate pudding, there was no way to deny that the proof was indeed in the pudding”

ADVICE: Always Read the Label

If the label says dry hump only…you’d better go ahead and dry hump only.

photo found via vivamus-atque-amemus

Star Whores: The Empiress’ Got Back

In an attempt to further diversify the Star Wars brand, visit George Lucas thinks about allowing the porn industry to do some licensed spoofs.

Top Vacation Destination Abruptly Changed to Wherever This Photo Was Taken

photo found via vivamus-atque-amemus

Where Paris and Hawaii once ruled, more about the location of this photo (possibly Paris or Hawaii) has sky rocketed to the most desirable vacation spot in the world.

Author’s Note: About the girl on the left…uuuuummmmmm….

An Ass Good Enough To Eat

Make mine a double double.

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