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Darwin’s Less Popular Theory

Finally proof that we evolved from sexy ass licking mermaids.

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Rudolph Shows More Than His Red Nose

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was suspended from flying on Xmas Eve as he inappropriately groped and flashed a few female Elves. Replacing him in line for sleigh pulling duties was Jennifer the Xmas stripper.

Hit This Fitness

“Fine, cialis 40mg LA fitness!.. I’ll keep my gym membership, sheesh”.

Obama Tax Hikes

In addition to the 2011 tax hikes, viagra 100mg Obama is attempting in persuading the Senate to issue a mandatory “hike up that pink skirt so I can see that phat ass tax” as well. So far the Senate does not seem to have any glaring issues with this tax.

Babezatron 2.0

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Sweet Sugar Kane

Amanda Jones / Sugar Kane seems like a fun model to work with.
Did you think we were going to make some sort of pussy/pussy cat joke? Yea, pilule you did.

Friends Linkz 03

See what our friends are posting.

The Beer Goggler – Katy Perry
Bad Girls Hotbox – Vikki Blows and Frien
In the Raw – Dree Hemingway GIFS

Pretty Hot & Sexy – Gisele Bunchen topless in Vogue
Your Daily Girl – Bulgarian Playboy Playmates

Professor Xavier Meets His New Students in Japan’s Slightly Odd Version of X-Men

Though a release date has not been set, sildenafil screen shots from Japan’s interpretation of Marvel Comic’s X-men were leaked to Babezatron just days ago.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: Wolverine has a pretty nice ass.

You Scream, Ass Scream…

Everyone screams for some ass-cream.

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

“It’s ok Jim, more about I’ll just hang back and scout the lay of the land a little more…”

Spongebob Star Patrick Checks Into Rehab

After several racy photos, healing numerous barroom brawls, buy more about and yes, even a sex tape, Spongebob Squarepants star Patrick, announced that he will be taking a break from filming to check into an undisclosed rehab center for drug and sex addiction.

RELATED STORY: Tommy Pickles was picked up earlier in the week for soliciting sex from an undercover officer.

Twitter Pairs With iTunes Ping

Now you can let people know you’re secretly listening “The Beat of My Heart, stomach ” by Hillary Duff.

RELATED STORY: We also like Ke$ha.

Lack of Fire Escapes on New Buildings Make it Harder to Cheat

Leaving at the crack of dawn is a tried and true move when it comes to fooling around. And nothing works better for a quick getaway than a good old fashioned fire escape. Unfortunately, approved for years new buildings have not been required to have such escapes, and the art of the getaway has been suffering ever since.

Related Story: Tip-Toeing not as easy as it seems. Especially after a few Roy Rogers.

Interview with Lily Francfort

NAME: Lily Francfort
AGE: 25 years old
LOCATION: Montreal
VICE: Luxury

Babezatron: We’re really nervous about this interview. Can you tell?
Lily: Yes indeed… I can smell it. hehehe

B: Is that a bad way to start an interview?
L: No. It’s funny, this since its a virtual interview, price it’s absurd and cool.

B: What would your first question be if you were interviewing someone?
L: How is life treating you these days?

B: And how would you answer that?
L: Very well, healing thank you! I get to fulfill my kinks!

B: Which do you prefer; spanker or spankee?
L: I can’t choose. It’s too hard. I love both. It depends of my mood actually. I’m much more dominant than submissive.
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