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Could Narcolepsy Edge Out Nymphomania As Sexiest Disorder?

Sure, page we’re all familiar with nymphomania, medicine and the inherent hotness involved; but a girl that takes two, three, maybe even sixteen naps a day? Not too shabby. More to come as this hot debate continues.

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Shake That Ass Video

Rock Solid Mafia – Shake that Ass from Sam Goldie on Vimeo.

In the day an age of crappy music videos, cost Rock Solid Mafia has provided all the key ingredients for a great music video: Babes, Guns, Gratuitous Ass Shots, Frolicking, and Spilling Stuff on Babes.

Summer Ends

As summer comes to an end, no rx Babezatron proudly reports that sandy ass related deaths has come to an all time low to three. Our deepest condolences to the families of sandy rear end incidents.

Erica Simone Self Portraits

Can somone please hire photographer Erica Simone, rx poor girl is running around New York naked with no money to buy clothes for herself…on second thought don’t hire her.

Avril Lavigne Swims

Avril Lavigne offers a nip slip if you’ll forget that she dated a midget troll monster from Sum 41 and not you.

Ass Rubbing Centre

With your generous donations we can expand our Centre to more than just ass rubbing.

Stop Motion Babes the New Rage

Booty Clap from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

The average internet fapper is getting quite bored with all the hot real babes clapping their bootys in the air. But fret not all you bored fappers, cialis 40mg stop motion animated babes will soon be fappable as Fapmation videos will be released in the near future, til then enjoy this little piece by Kirsten Lepore.

Amidst Pressure, Local NYC Fruit Stand Scratches ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Panties, No Service’ Policy

The women can once again roam free inside of Joe’s Fruit Stand, viagra buy in Brooklyn, NY. After much protest from men of all ages, many of whom don’t even live in Brooklyn, the stores management has agreed to allow babes to dress (or not dress) however they please while shopping.

IN OTHER NEWS: Babezatron staffers will officially be switching to an all fruit diet…

Haaaaaaaay Girl!

Farmers across the US, nurse after three days of deliberations, have finally agreed to hollaaaaaa.

Chanel’s New Purse Line

In an attempt to boost sales, visit this Chanel has released some a new model of purses that include a real live model attached. “There is no way I’ll get in trouble for bringing home a babe, she comes with the purse!”, says idiot husband.

Heaven Gets a Sexy Makeover

Old men with white beards in white robes and sandals hanging out on clouds? No thank you. The fellas upstairs have decided to  “sex up” their look and have enlisted top designers from around the globe to help them do it. Said one church-goer, information pills “I always thought church was so boring before the new look. Now I want to give those pearly gates a pearly necklace.”

Siamese Twins Risk It All

Siamese Twins, this conjoined at the ass cheeks, cialis 40mg are to undergo a risky ass to ass surgery. “This is to be the hottest fucking surgery I’ve ever performed”, says surgeon.

NEWS UPDATE: The “Ass to Ass” guy from Requiem For A Dream, will be in attendance yelling “Ayss to Ayss” prior to going under.

Molester Still at Large

There is still no sign of the ass grabbing molester that has been terrorizing local girls. Til caught, discount forensic scientist will continue hard at work dusting for fingerprints.

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