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Girl Falls In Love With Reflection

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Southern Californian girl falls in love with her own reflection. “It was love at first site”, buy says Southern Californian girl. The reflection had no comment at the time.

Summer Comes To An End

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This Summer has officially come to an end, case not to be confused with this Summers hit title Summers Cums On An End.

Home Depot Sale

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Home Depot is having a sale on hotubs, viagra buy blinds, prostate curtains, and teenaged self shooters, this week only, while supplies last.

NEWS UPDATE: Curtains are sold out.

Arching Back, Good For You?

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Arching your back extends life by 2 weeks, and studies show.

Going to Brazil in 2010

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2010 the Brazilian ass will be at it’s ripest. Many have waited years for this year to arrive. “Si, malady I’ve waited years”, says local Brazilian man who has been waiting years.

iPods and Polaroids

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The current line of iPods with the added cameras, check do not have a Polaroid function as of yet. Emo girls are bummed, but it does not stop them from taking photos of themselves.

iPod Users Can Sneak Photos

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The new generation iPod and iPod touches allow creepsters to take sneaky pics of asses in the guise of listening to Oingo Boingo.

Babezatron Tests Videos

Should we add these videos as well to the posts?

Labor Day Weekend



Labor Day weekend babes plan for eating wieners all week long.

heat wave

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Current westcoast heat wave is causing hot babes hotness.

Gold Prices Rise – As Booty Rides Up and Down

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The demand for gold booty shorts has in turn raised the prices of gold commodity prices. Until babes demand lowers gold prices don’t see any sign of slowing down.

Heidi Fleiss and Her Daughters

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Heidi Fleiss and her new business of male escorts is launching in tandem with her daughters new reality show. The reality show is said to air via webcam in their dorm rooms. Stay tuned.

Chupacabra has webcam

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The infamous Chupacabra has adapted to the modern world and has started trading pictures with babes. The Chupacabra is as elusive as ever, ed although he is trading pictures with babes, the pictures always seem blurry and indecipherable.

Angelina Jolie Hackz Gmail

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Angelina Jolie from the movie Hackerz was able to hack into the google mainframe and disable gmail with virus.exe.

NEWS UPDATE: Fortunately an IT from Google known as Craig Gunn was able to disable the virus.

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