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Kate Upton Back Up

After being jerked off of yesterday, viagra the Terry Richardson directed video of Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton doing things we’ve only previously dreamed of is back up…and so are we. #wordplay

Real Life Barbie (Ukrainian)







Valeria Lukyanova  always dreamed of being a real life Barbie doll.  After many surgeries from Dr. Ken, approved her dreams have come true. Many more photos of Valeria Lukyanova on her facebook.


Sad Moments in Video Games #01

Ocarina of Time: The Death of THE GREAT DEKU TREE

Simon Wald Lasowski

Photographer Simon Wald Lasowski finds beauty in the imperfect. Originally commissioned for Blend Magazine 2008.


Director duo Staston brothers create a pretty convincing commercial to rent bicycles from wherever the hell this rental place is.

Miami Ice Cream Trucks

Whats hotter than the humid heat of Miami? This fucking ice cream truck rolling around with babes merely wearing horrible spray art of ice cream on their banging bodies while selling crappy frozen high fructose corn syrup. But me licky licky.

Johann Bona

Johann Bona is a photographer currently living and working in Toronto, try Ontario. Check out his mischeiviously sexy series called “Girls On My Floor”, which involves girls on his floor you dummy, what else were you expecting.

Alpine / Hands Music Video

Bizarrely seductive music video by Luci Schroder for Melbourne based electronic group Alpine. Its a must watch if you like girls making out with axes, discount themselves, the tv, watermelons, fish in swimming pools, their own wrists.

Gavin Bond

Photographer Gavin Bond has some pretty fun and witty images.

Ex Real World Star Sues MTV for Sexual Harassment

Tonya Cooley, buy best known most for her stints on MTV shows The Real World, cialis 40mg and The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, ampoule is suing the channel, along with production company Bunim/Murray, for sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual assault. The events allegedly took place during the filming of the 2009 Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and not while she was stripping naked for Playboy and making a string of unsuccessful soft core porn movies…

Champion or Chumpion #08

We all like it when babes get high, purchase they loosen up get silly and wild. But the kind of high that gets them; exclusively sporting sunny d orange tinted goggles and nothing else, this while snowboarding inside on top of two weirdly stained nylon carpets, merits this question to be asked…
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Fridge Living On The Rise





Rent for a one bedroom apartment in an urban city isn’t cheap, order especially for people girls who have gives unnecessary attitude and annoyed at every little thing you say as their qualifications on their resumes. Many have turned to renting from asshole jerks who have put their fridge space for rent. “I now have the three basic B’s in my kitchen, website like this beer, butter, and babes”, says local fridge renter. Although fridge living can be seen as low as one could possibly go, it is also pretty chill.

Isacc Newton’s Ghosts Haunts iOS 5

Looks like the iOS 5 update has been spooked and not working for many apple iphone users. Customers are getting errors such as “iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3004).” and “Steve Jobs sucks, cialis 40mg I invented gravity and made apples famous…I mean error” errors.

It could only mean two things, viagra approved either the Apple servers are at capacity, or the more likely culprit, Evil Isaac Newton’s ghost is causing the disruption.

Happy 33rd Rachel McAdams

Happy Birthday Rachel McAdams. We wish you the happiest and creepiest of birthday wishes! You were not only sexy and funny in Mean Girls, view but you are also topless in that one movie. (It doesn’t matter what the name of the movie is, viagra buy the scene/clip is below).

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