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American Jugga-hoes

Director Sean Dunn asks a handful of people at the gather of Juggalos, pharmacy what does it means to be a Juggalo, in his film American Juggalo. It’s a pretty fun view, regardless if you believe these kids are the scum of the earth or messengers of peace.

At the very least you can skip through the “boring” parts, and give a looksie at some horrendous sloppy and some surprisingly gorgeous female juggalett’s juggs. Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard part watched the whole thing and collected the goods for you. You’re welcome.

Sorority Obsession Leads Police to Anthrax Suspect

Investigators, there after several years of looking into a string of infamous anthrax-laced letter mailing crimes, healing finally closed in on Bruce Ivins, after Ivins emailed pictures of himself developing the deadly strain of the virus to a former member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, the sorority he had been obsessed with in college. Ivins overdosed on prescription pain medication before police could make an arrest and only weeks before Ivins himself could throw his annual anthrax-laced foam party.

Dropping ‘Bows All Over Your Face

Skittles – Newlyweds – Dir. Cousins [Not… by sharetherainbows

Music video and commercial directing collective Cousins, buy create a pretty awkwardly sexy funny spec commercial for the Skittles brand.

Life Vest Sales Plummeting

With the rise in (clear throat) natural lady flotation devices, viagra 40mg the life vest industry is failing. Said one retailer, what is ed “we’re essentially losing %100 of our market since women no longer need the vests and men are too drunk and stubborn to wear them in the first place.”

Solar Powered Bikini


Plug me in babe.

Designed by Andrew Schneider, order this solar-powered bikini can pump some electric juice into your gadgads via USB connection. The bikini is fitted with photovoltaic strips that are held together with conductive thread.

“A solar film bikini that charges your iPod! (With a USB connection!) The suit is a standard medium-sized bikini swimsuit retrofitted with 1″ x 4″ photovoltaic film strips sewn together in series with conductive thread. The cells terminate in a 5 volt regulator into a female USB connection.”

What Goes Up Must Go Crashing Down

We need more Katy Perry upskirt days and less Smurfs involvement in the stock market. Who was the genius that allowed Smurfs to enter the Stock Exchange?  “No, hospital No, side effects let them in, page they are adorable and in now way going to cause any trouble”.We just lost our company Ferrrari due to the 600 point dip in the DOW on Monday, probably because a little prancy mischievous Smurf was walking on a stock broker’s keyboard and pressed sell a billion times. Now we know why Garagamel hated these little blue fuck nuts, because they are fucking dicks.

NEWS UPDATE: Fucking Smurfs.

Nicki Minaj Nip Slip

Although we loved seeing a Nicki Minaj nip slip on Good Morning America today, erectile we don’t like that over weight right winged over protective mothers will be crying to the FCC. To compensate the FCC will probably start censoring everything willy nilly and further push for an internet controller. Remember the annoying mom from Donnie Darko that was really into Sparkle Motion and doubted the commitment of others? Well even if you don’t she was really annoying, this site and these are the type of people crying over nipple slips, advice and the word fuck; they suck, are ugly, overprotective, and will ruin the internet by pressuring the government to create some sort of internet ruining committee.

NEWS UPDATE: Nice nips by the way.
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Interview with Giovanni Lipari

Giovanni’s Death Of Youth series really struck a chord with us, advice we think most men entering their adulthood can easily relate to this project. His vision and purpose of the series hits it right on the head perfectly; stylistically, diagnosis thematically, and emotionally. Do yourself a favor check out the photos and read his Death Of Youth statement. We had a moment to pick his brain over a few emails, here is what came of it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your photo background?
Giovanni Lipari, Age 30. I’m Italian, unmarried, and a self-taught photographer.  I had a little photography training in school, but nothing past the basics that one would learn in secondary school. Light surrounds us and I’m constantly observing and studying it.

Is being a photographer your full time gig?
I am not a photographer professionally, I have been paid for it in the past.

Have you had your big break? If not do you think it’ll come? If so how did it feel?
I don’t know if such an event is possible.  Most people that are successful have worked long and hard for their accomplishments, which makes the “break” less of a singular experience, and more of just a part of life.  But I hope to have a “break” someday….. that would be wonderful.

You have fullfilled a fantasy that most men can only dream of. Do you feel like you are satisified with living “the dream” of the rock star photograhper?
Yes and No, The fact that I could fabricate “the dream” makes it impossible to fulfill.   But there is a sense of accomplishment that was created during the process of shooting this project.

Do you plan on continuing this dream?
Absolutely not.  It was exhausting, annoying, and expensive.  I’m happily looking forward to my next project…. which will have nothing to do with naked women.

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No Smurfin’ Way

A blonde Katy Perry as Smurfette right before Papa Smurf got Smurfed til he was Smurfing all over her Smurfing Smurfs.

Happy 4th Of July

A message from an adorably lost awkward white girl.

Happy Canadian Day Ay

We didn’t know the Canadian’s had it in them to celebrate anything. We’d gladly join all the of legal drinking aged girls (18 in Canada if you didn’t already know that you fucking pervert)  for a round of Canadian Club Whiskey, viagra 100mg Canadian Bacon, illness and a good ole fashioned Canadian awkward white girl hand job to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Peter Falk, Falking Dead

buy Falking Dead” src=”” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”600″ />

Peter Falk best known as his falking role as Columbo, cost died at age 83. In addition to his role as Columbo, he was pretty falking great in MADE with Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn. Check that falking scene from MADE out, if you’re too young and lazy to even care about shows from the 70’s. In tribute of the great actor, here are a bunch of babes in trenchcoats.

NY Gay

New York state legalizes gay marriage. And thats good news for you fellas, viagra now you can finally propose to that hot lesbian.

Ryan Dunn or Zach Galifinakis Done

Either Ryan Dunn or Zach Galifinkakis has reportedly died in a car crash today. The star of Jack Ass or The Hangover, unhealthy will be missed.

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