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Inanimate Photo Crashers

“Not only am I an Ikea Desk, price but I totally photo crashed your stupid sexy webcam session. Look, look, it looks like I’m ramming your butt, where is POÄNG he is totally gonna shit himself”

Ron De Jeremy Rum Review

Since the dawning of time (or at least the mid 70’s), adiposity Man’s two favorite indulgences have been alcohol and pornography. What could be better than having a sip of a tasty adult beverage and then watching two strangers have sex for money on video tape? The question then became, “how to combine the two?” Sure you could set the old super 8, splash around a little Evan Williams, and get freaky with your lady friend. But where’s the class and innovation in that? It would take an overweight, well endowed, mustache of a man to finally get it right. Enter Ron Jeremy and his delicious Ron De Jeremy rum. We got it, we tried it, we dog gone done did it. Here is what we remember…

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Battling with ADD

Not totally in line what we usually post here, abortion but I really like the band, and there are glimpses off hot babes licking things, and just being cute. Give it a watch/listen.

Battles – Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) – taken from forthcoming album ‘Gloss Drop’ releasing June 6/7
Video directed by Canada

Local Ex Girlfriends Decide to Go Wild After Break Up

Local ex girlfriends decide to continue the hated tradition of pissing off ex-boyfriends after breakups, this with techniques like:

-Dressing like a slut
-Non-chalant  bestfriend titty grabs
-Posting “I had a REALLY good time at local hip-hop club” on facebook
-Doing coke off dudes’ cocks
-Always wanting to dance and grind
-Suddenly being ok with giving blowjobs
-Losing 10pounds
– Being happy and successful

Archeologists Uncover Rare Rearmains

After decades of tireless research, look archeologists in South America, have finally uncovered the rearmains of the elusive Veloc-Rear-Raped-Her, a dino who lived (and raped) during the jurASSic age. Said one scientist on scene, “I’ll tell you one thing, my wife might look like a triceratops, but she’d never go for this.”

Your Highness Review

So we planned on seeing YOUR HIGHNESS starring Danny McBride, dosage James Franco and Natalie Portman. Well what had happened was, search we thought it’d be so fucking clever if we smoked out and watched it high! Well like typical stoners we missed the showtime. But we made the best of it and decided to talk out and predict what the movie would actually be like then review our prediction of the movie. But then instead of doing that we had sex. In conclusion you should plan on watching YOUR HIGHNESS out in theaters now.

In Soviet Russia…

In Soviet Russia, visit picture masturbates to you.

Drunk Christina Aguilera Arrested

Christina Aguellereafdsfsfwfsdfsasg (sp?) was pulled over for burning rubber and fish tailing in the streets of West Hollywood. During the field sobreity tests, order officers asked her to spell her last name she drunkenly replied “I don’t think anyone can spell my name sober”. Its a pretty hard name to spell from memory, try it.

Ooooohh Yeeeaaahhh… Avril Lavigne

Remember her?…yeah you do

Rain Dances to Overtake Laps at Strip Clubs??

A new trend is gaining a lot of steam at strip clubs around the nation; rain dances. Where once a poncho was needed to deflect the happy juices of satisfied middle aged men, viagra the plastic shields are now necessary to deflect actual precipitation. Said one dancer, “now it’s our turn to make it rain.” Stay tuned as babezatron investigates (every Tuesday at Fantasy Island).

Picking Up Hitchhikers Cool Again

After years of public outcry and negative press, tadalafil the adventure and experience of picking up needy travelers off the side of the road is once again a cool thing to do. So what if you get killed…you’ll probably at the very least see some boobs first.

photo found via nickthedickreloaded

Apple Has Taken Over Our Minds!

If you’re like me, price the first thing you thought when you saw this babez boob with a cd on it was, “get an iPod already.”

Quick Tipz #07

Do not let this girl go…

Good Morning

“Waking up with 3 hot blondes every now and again never gets old”, symptoms admits lucky douchebag.

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