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G String Mag 2.0

No funny caption here, health just the moment every guy under 25 has been waiting for, advice   has arrived.

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A total of 30 months are now in a year, find deal with it.

G String Magazine, clinic initially a magazine featuring different types of G guitar strings and their owners, tries for a new edgier direction.

Westide vs Eastside

The fight over coastal supremacy still lingers on, stuff however it looks like the westcoast is in the lead.

Luckiest Man Found Dead

The key to the complicated Mayan 2012 world ender mystery, try is tattooed on girls left breast.  Anthropologists are diligently studying the tattoo with their anthropologist hands and face.

Seconds after luckiest man on Earth took this photo, abortion he was was pronounced dead and erect.

Local Girl Walks Own Butt Without Leash

In a local neighborhood, recipe a girl has been seen walking her own butt without leash, local officers have given her several citations.

Staring May Help Vision Loss

As more females graduate college in a slumping economy and at a 10% unemployment rate, page store they have been abandoning their skills learned at school and turning to butt and ass modeling. “I learned how to use my assets in a more useful way”, prostate says local babe.  Babezatron has an intenrship program for aspiring ass models, please inquire and send

Local optometrist says staring at nipples straight on for 10 minutes a day may improve vision. “The distance between  nipple to nipple is a ratio that is similar to the distance from eyeball to eyeball, viagra order and soothes the receptors”, says optometrist.

Upsidedown Confusion Awareness


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Have a very merry holidays and a prosperous new year!

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Upsidedown Confusion, order a rare but a curable disease,  claims girls’ afternoon. Local girl hit with an episode of upsidedown confusion, causes brief hysteria in a local bath house.

Halloween v2.0

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Local girls decided their Halloween party was not as awesome as last year, website like this and plan to throw another halloween party later this week. More info later.

GM and Ford addons

general motors ford cars babes girls bailout nude carbabesGeneral Motors and Ford are adding free features to cars to entice buyers. Ford has already implemented a car full of babes features for its 2010 models.

Backpack Sales Decline

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The Levi’s family is apologetic to the millions of people that have been frustrated with the
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Sales of backpacks have declined in recent years, information pills as kids find them pointless and dorky. Dorks still using trapperkeepers.

3 Babes Better Than 1

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Mandy Moore, viagra order pilule Michelle Trachetenberg, and Natalie Imbruglia, will star in the new Ghostbusters 3 film. Director/writer Harold Ramis admits, it’s just gonna make more money if they star in it, so I said eff it, lets get

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Studies show that 3 babes are better than 1, site says local scientist.

Platinum Goes Platinum

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Platinum has sold more than 1 billion pounds of Platinum recently. Thus the association that gives out Platinum awards is giving Platinum a Platinum award. Local girl celebrates Platinum’s success by dying her hair Platinum.

Kanye West offers to Swiftly Make Amends

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Taylor Swift and Kanye West will be teaming up in the coming months on a collaboration sex video featuring songs from their respected CD’s.

Hogan’s Phoned Hacked

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Hulk Hogans phone was hacked, approved and nude pictures of his daughter were found. Or maybe they were of his current girlfriend. “I can’t tell them apart either” admits a hulky Hulk Hogan.

Elisa Cuthbert Wants You to Remember

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Elisa Cuthbert urges fans to remember that she still exists. And as an incentive for you to remember, viagra 40mg Elisa shows off her Elisa Cuthbert breasts to all.

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