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Sexy Airport Screenings

TSA has created a new agency for an even more aggressive airport screening stance. The newly formed agency, viagra 40mg TNA,  will begin pulling hot girls into special lines effective immediately.

Happy Thanksgiving

Let us remember the Pilgrims whom squatted with the Native Americans on Thanksgiving so many years ago.

Brunch – Let’s Eat Out

“I’ll have what he’s having.”

Choose Your Caption 02 ( Harry Potter Edition )

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Quick Tipz: PBR Does a Body Good

Forget milk! If you want a killer bod (or at least a killer buzz), treatment drink yourself an icy cold PBR.

Confused Babe Trapped in House of Mirrors Finally Gets Out

After two weeks of confusion, ed frustration, website like this and makeup checking, a confused babe in Madison, Wisconsin, was finally rescued by a local man who happened to wonder into the house of mirrors that had entrapped her. Said the babe about her rescuer, “I’m just so grateful. And I can’t believe I was rescued by triplets!”

Facebook Suggests Using “Super Log-Off”

If you REALLY don’t want your girlfriend to know that you’re still talking to Vanessa, buy information pills Facebook now allows you to select “Super Log-Off,” and become virtually untraceable.

Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks

A Madmen Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks look a like – look a like, buy really looks a like, and like the Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks look a like.

(look a like model/photos at mike dowson )

Tapes ‘N Tapes New Single

Tapes ‘n Tapes, salve badass indie band out of Minnesota, released their new single, Freak Out, for FREE DOWNLOAD on their website last week. Babezatron has downloaded…we’ve listened…we’ve listened several more times…we love. The song is awesome, and one can only assume that the band’s new album, Outside (out 01/11/11), will have babez and dudez alike dancing in the streets.

Download the Single At :

Glitch Will Make iPhone Alarms Late Monday

The iPhone’s alarm app will not recognize the daylight savings time change going into effect this Monday. Users will have to create a special one time alarm for Monday morning. Or you can pretend you never read this and have a pretty legit excuse to show up late for work…either way.

Daylight Savings

It’s that time once again to set your clocks back and get naked one hour earlier.

TIME NOTE: Time travel still impossible.

TIME TRAVELER’S NOTE: Not anymore, cialis 40mg people of the past…

Katy Perry Look-a-like

This just in, medications Katy Perry Look A Like, website like this really looks like Katy Perry.

Prop 19 Fails

California Prop 19, ed decriminalizing possession of marijuana, try has failed to pass. Girls across California make sexy pouty faces and smoke in protest to the poll results.

Poll Results, Sweating Anticipation

Babes across the U.S are sweating in anticipation, advice especially in California where prop 19 and 23 are button issues. The results of the 2010 polls should be coming in at any moment cross your fingers and twist your nips this should be a close one.

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