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Lack of Fire Escapes on New Buildings Make it Harder to Cheat

Leaving at the crack of dawn is a tried and true move when it comes to fooling around. And nothing works better for a quick getaway than a good old fashioned fire escape. Unfortunately, approved for years new buildings have not been required to have such escapes, and the art of the getaway has been suffering ever since.

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Interview with Lily Francfort

NAME: Lily Francfort
AGE: 25 years old
LOCATION: Montreal
VICE: Luxury

Babezatron: We’re really nervous about this interview. Can you tell?
Lily: Yes indeed… I can smell it. hehehe

B: Is that a bad way to start an interview?
L: No. It’s funny, this since its a virtual interview, price it’s absurd and cool.

B: What would your first question be if you were interviewing someone?
L: How is life treating you these days?

B: And how would you answer that?
L: Very well, healing thank you! I get to fulfill my kinks!

B: Which do you prefer; spanker or spankee?
L: I can’t choose. It’s too hard. I love both. It depends of my mood actually. I’m much more dominant than submissive.
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Friendz Linkz

Check out what our friends are posting: – Vikki Blows In Her Official 2011 Calendar… – Monika Pietrasinska in sexy lingerie – Adriana Lima looking hot in a $2million bra

Olivia Munn + Rolling Stones

There arn’t many hot and funny girls out there, more about but up there on the very short list of hot + funny babes of 2010 is Olivia Munn. Watch the video to see a behind the scenes interview during her sexy Rolling Stone’s photo shoot.

Could Narcolepsy Edge Out Nymphomania As Sexiest Disorder?

Sure, page we’re all familiar with nymphomania, medicine and the inherent hotness involved; but a girl that takes two, three, maybe even sixteen naps a day? Not too shabby. More to come as this hot debate continues.

Girls for California Prop 19

Girls around California are showing their sexy support for Prop 19 Legalization and Decriminalizing personal use of Marijuana. Keep em coming girls!

Two Girls One Duck

In an attempt take more insurance marketshare, unhealthy Aflac has expanded into erotic advertising. Their key advertising spokesperson, the Aflac Duck, will star in a series of sexy commercials including, “Two Girls One Duck” and “Suck the Duck 1 and 2″.

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Devil’s Sex Scandal Continues

It’s been several weeks since salacious, side effects self-shot pictures of the devil were leaked to the media, and the controversy rages on. Said one demon(in horrible, distorted demon voice), “you know it’s just really embarrassing. I mean we are trying to go about our days, being evil, and every time you open an evil newspaper or turn on the evil news, we have to see this? So embarrassing.”

Sony Discontinues Walkman

Today Sony Japan officially kills the Sony Walkman Cassette player. First launched in 1979, side effects since Sony’s Walkman has sold 220 million units worldwide. To put it into perspective, decease since 2004 Apple’s iPod has sold 240 million, as of January 2010.

We will truly probably not miss you all that much Sony Walkman, but let us take this moment and reflect on the great times we had together.

2012 Snow White Film

Brothers Grimm Snow White slated for 2012 is currently in production. To appeal to an edgier and hipper audience two new dwarfs will be added to the ensemble, clinic sleezy and breezy.

This Just In – You’re Hilarious!

Babezatron confirmed Saturday, case that you’re funny. Good for you.

Home Depot to Add New ‘Hard Wood’ Section

The Home Depot announced this weekend that they will begin work on a new ‘Hard Wood’ section. Strangely, buy it will apparently be located nowhere near the lumber.

Fatal Shark Attack off the Santa Barbara Coast

Babes could do nothing but look on as a 20 old year man was fatally attacked by a shark off the coast of Santa Barbara California today.


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