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Shake That Ass Video

Rock Solid Mafia – Shake that Ass from Sam Goldie on Vimeo.

In the day an age of crappy music videos, cost Rock Solid Mafia has provided all the key ingredients for a great music video: Babes, Guns, Gratuitous Ass Shots, Frolicking, and Spilling Stuff on Babes.

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Fanzatrons Want to Know: Is Deep Thought the New Deep Throat?

Fanzatron: “In this enlightened day and age, cheapest is a deep thought just as sexy as a good deep throat?”

Babezatron: nope.

Babe Gets Irony

20% of crazy babes who have flappy meat flaps, link suggest using an iron (setting on low) to iron out all the crinkles and folds. The result, a nicely tucked and clean vagina ready to wear for any occasion.

NEWS UPDATE: Ironically iron techniques don’t bring down the puffiness of puffy nipples.

Ancient Greek Creature – Half Woman, Half Horse, Half Black Dude

The power to seduce men, mind run at lightening quick speeds, and get hassled by the man…

Erica Simone Self Portraits

Can somone please hire photographer Erica Simone, rx poor girl is running around New York naked with no money to buy clothes for herself…on second thought don’t hire her.

Brett Favre Sends Newdz

V sports personality Jenn Sterger says NFL quarterback Brett Favre sent her cell-phone photos of himself masturbating in 2008.  Pictures included a 40 year old married football all star, viagra dosage jersey less in Crocs running solo plays to his little Green Bay Packer.

Beached Whale Free

After days of countless efforts to free the beached behemoth, here the Pacific Ocean’s high tide managed to sweep the beast away.

After days of countless efforts to free the beached behemoth, the Pacific Ocean’s high tide managed to sweep the beast away.

U.S.’s Newest Weapon

The United States Army is testing a new form of weapon, and the A4-Titty Heaven. Sasha Grey demonstrates how the enemy being of the sex starved type, treat will be distracted by the sexy female body, but also confused by the obstructing letters and numbers, A + 4.

LSD Detected in Disneyland Drinking Water

Officials at both Disneyland in Anaheim, decease and Euro Disney, visit this site announced today that the two parks have had rising levels of LSD in the public and employee drinking fountains for years. Said one representative, “well I guess that answers the question as to why the Alice in Wonderland and Mr. Toads Wild Ride attractions always have such long lines.”

THIS JUST IN: Ariel hot in mermaid AND human form.

Rick Sanchez Fired

CNN’s former news anchor, viagra sale Rick Sanchez, approved was fired for some remarks he made on a Sirius Radio interview. The ‘Rick’s List’ host suggested that Jewish people run all TV networks and calls Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart a bigot. We wouldn’t be surprised if he said he was super into babes that paint Swazis on their faces.

Katy Perry on SNL

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We at Babeztron love SNL we love Katy Perry, however the premiere episode of season 36 was lacking. Primarily lacking our favorite male cast member, Will Forte and lacking good skits. The best part of the episode was when Katy Perry’s boobs bounced (its better on mute). Trust us when we say you didn’t miss much just watch the animated gifs of her boobs bouncing and consider yourself caught up. If you really want to waste your time go ahead and watch the skit in its entirety, <3 Maya Rudolph.

Smoking Babe Follows Post

If you smoke them…they will come.

Amidst Pressure, Local NYC Fruit Stand Scratches ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Panties, No Service’ Policy

The women can once again roam free inside of Joe’s Fruit Stand, viagra buy in Brooklyn, NY. After much protest from men of all ages, many of whom don’t even live in Brooklyn, the stores management has agreed to allow babes to dress (or not dress) however they please while shopping.

IN OTHER NEWS: Babezatron staffers will officially be switching to an all fruit diet…

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