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Saved By The Bell Reunion On Hold

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen aka Kelli Kapowski, site is holding up the Saved by The Bell Reunion to do better and sexier things, we’ll allow it for now.

Katy Perry Weekend

Katy Perry takes the motor boat out for the labor day weekend, sick and there were definitely no “bikinis on top”


A new trend in Australia is emerging. Move over you cute lil koala fucks, viagra dosage tentacles are the new rage, try babes have been seen splashing sexily on the beaches with found squid, octopus, and occasionally a crustacean. Whatever floats your boat we say “Put another squid on the barbie’s head”

Haaaaaaaay Girl!

Farmers across the US, nurse after three days of deliberations, have finally agreed to hollaaaaaa.

Girls Surrender

Girls have officially surrendered to the insistent requests for tits. Members representing girls around the world have officially signed the doctrine, advice and effective immediately girls will have to surrender their tops as requested by anyone, case officially official. So get to requesting. #TitsorGTFO

More photos of these girls on our new found friend’s site FrontArmy

Heaven Gets a Sexy Makeover

Old men with white beards in white robes and sandals hanging out on clouds? No thank you. The fellas upstairs have decided to  “sex up” their look and have enlisted top designers from around the globe to help them do it. Said one church-goer, information pills “I always thought church was so boring before the new look. Now I want to give those pearly gates a pearly necklace.”

As You Stare At the Topless Girl

“Now the pants”, buy information pills says a creepy you.

World Record Explosion

Shockwaves could be felt as far as England, pharm as Guinness Draft Beer documented the world’s largest sexual squirt explosion in weeks.

Babezatron Expanding

Babezatron is expanding, no rx read our professional ad we’ve posted. If you are interested or know of anyone that might be interested hit us up!

We are a small budding blogsite that features pictures of girls from around the internet, find coupled with humorous captions.
After a recent surge in traffic, recipe we are looking to expand into original photo content, interviews, and reviews of a myriad of entertainment mediums.

Our goal is to infuse humor with photos of girls who are also interested in promoting their own projects (music, modeling, acting, etc.)
and/or contributing reviews and interviews on subjects ranging from video games, to music, to fashion, and much much more.

Our hope is that this will turn into something that will benefit all involved; from the girls who submit and promote their own projects; to us who run the site; to the good folks who visit the blog and get no only a great source of entertainment, but can discover through interviews, reviews, and links, new and exciting content.

18+ FEMALES only
Must have something to promote, ie music, acting, blog, modeling, invention, business, talent etc.
OR would like to model for original photography for our reviews, captions, and stories.
Please send us a link to your site or a photo of you, (can be either safe for work or NSFW)

Come On, Borat!

Come on!

Reverse Ceiling Mirrors Gaining Popularity

Looking up and seeing yourself getting busy may be a thing of the past. Reverse Ceiling Mirrors, price or Floor Mirrors, visit this as insiders have begun to call them, are quickly gaining steam and may become a floor-wide phenomenon before the year is through.

Girl Gives Birth To Dog

Local girl gave birth to a healthy 2 pound chihuahua last week. Doctors were baffled to find a dog inside a human girl, stomach “but that’s what you get when you have sex doggystyle”, claims doctor.

Torso Extensions Now Available

Short torso girls now have a chance at getting blogged after they go through excruciating painful process of getting their torso extended. “I only worry that blogs are too short to contain my longness” says long torso babe.

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