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Arching Back, Good For You?

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Arching your back extends life by 2 weeks, and studies show.

Going to Brazil in 2010

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2010 the Brazilian ass will be at it’s ripest. Many have waited years for this year to arrive. “Si, malady I’ve waited years”, says local Brazilian man who has been waiting years.

Girl Surprised

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Local girl is caught surprised at her surprise party. “I was totally surprised” says surprised local girl.

Dirty Dancing II

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Due to the untimely death of Patrick Swayze, salve Dirty Dancing II is put on hold. However Dirty Ass Facing is still scheduled for production.

Rocky Balboa’s Daughter

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Rocky VII will star Rocky’s daughter. Her intense topless training begins in 2011.

Tall Girl Percentage Dwindles

daily_erotic_picdump_97_28Tall and skinny girls have been harder to find. They have been put on the endanger watch list. Experts don’t know why the population has been dwindling.

Wired Phones Are Coming Back

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Black Hair Dye to run out in 2012

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Local girl stock piles black hair dye. “I’m prepared for the hair dye scare of 2012″

Rock Band Beatles Titty Flops



Rock Band Beatles release was a complete titty flop. Girls go wild and take off their tops while playing Hard Days Night

jon gosselin tells good morning america of kate, “i despise her”


Jon and Kate Plus Eight star Jon Gesselin, healing when asked about his estranged co-star/wife, side effects told the folks at Good Morning America, “I despise her.” Jon then informed the morning crew that when he has sex now, he wears at least five condoms. - Pin-Up Punk Rock and Goth Girls
Punk Rock Pinup Girls

Post Labor Day is the new Labor Day

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Post hardcore girl claims Post Labor Day is the new Labor Day. Regular Labor Day is for losers.

Heat Wave Melts Ice Cream

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Heat waves across America have been melting babes’ ice cream all over their heat wave babe bodies.

Labor Day Weekend



Labor Day weekend babes plan for eating wieners all week long.

College Football Starts

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As college footballs’ big ten begin to play each other, information pills local babes await to play with football players big tens.

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