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C.S.I. Miley Cyrus

CBS has announced they will be launching a new spin off series called C.S.I.M.C. (Crime Scene Investigators Miley Cyrus). Billy Ray Cyrus plays a  CSI  investigator by day and obsessive super fan by night maniac. Watch as he juggles his straight shooting job versus his creepy side investigation of  1, ambulance 000’s upon 1,000’s of allegedly faked Miley Cyrus topless and cameltoe shots.

From a Seed Grows a Tree…

A young Steve Jobs never imagined that an apple filled ass would, about it because of Apple, turn into an ass filled with money.


Local Ex Girlfriends Decide to Go Wild After Break Up

Local ex girlfriends decide to continue the hated tradition of pissing off ex-boyfriends after breakups, this with techniques like:

-Dressing like a slut
-Non-chalant  bestfriend titty grabs
-Posting “I had a REALLY good time at local hip-hop club” on facebook
-Doing coke off dudes’ cocks
-Always wanting to dance and grind
-Suddenly being ok with giving blowjobs
-Losing 10pounds
– Being happy and successful

Legendary Hottub Source of Legionarre Disease

The source of bacteria outbreak Legionarre Disease, cialis 40mg which affected 200 party guest at the famed Playboy mansion, seems to have come from the infamous grotto hottub. Officials from the Los Angeles health department confess results from tests would have been released earlier but scientist’s wives required them to avert eyes as they tested contaminated Playboy mansion  guests.

Straightest Guy In Town Drops Bombshell

The straightest guy in a small north western town (owner of two, website yes two pickup trucks) admitted Sunday that, “if this is a dude…I’m into dudes.” Clearly, this dude is hot.


For the Record

Record industry executives sad that 45 year old record collector enthusiast forgets about April 16th “National Record Store Day”. We asked Tower Records publicists what their take was on the failed day, mind in turn he asked us for spare change.

Babe Unaware of Impending Jason Voohrees Attack

A South Dakota babe, order who was just enjoying some good ol’ fashioned drinking and lake swimming with her high school sweetheart, the town slut, the funny guy who never gets laid, the star quarterback, the nerd, the scary movie expert, the token black guy, and the older brother who has been at college for one year and managed to smuggle a joint, was unaware that she had created the perfect conditions for a Friday the 13th style attack. Sadly, there was only one surviver from the brutal weekend. Said the lucky young lady, “it’s so tragic. But you have to move on. I’ve already booked a second vacation to the same lake next summer with my younger sister, her boyfriend and his new handheld video camera, the nature expert, the bookworm babe with big tits, and a number of other less important characters…i mean friends.”

Naked Babe Shower Curtain Upsets Girlfriends

While dudes across America, case and in some European countries are swarming to buy the sensual, albeit not very protective, Naked Girl Shower Curtain (NGSC), many girlfriends are not pleased. When asked about it, one girlfriend said, “this thing is so stupid! How am I even supposed to hang my bras?” To which her boyfriend replied, “I told you, the curtain has tits; use ’em.” There appears to be no end to the controversy anytime soon. Well except the rear end on the curtain of course.

The Final Four is Here!

The Final Four in NCAA Basketball has arrived. No doubt both brackets and nuts will be busted all over tonight.

Mad Men Season 4 Now Available on Netflix

Season 4 of Mad Men is now available for DVD orders on Netflix. Time to eject ‘Dude I Banged Your Sister #8, order ‘ and pop in a little Don Draper action.

My Friend’s 1st Reaction

This was my friend’s first reaction upon seeing this babe – slow lean forward; loud exhale; “I was gonna show you something funny, what is ed but I’d rather peep this.”

Question: Can I Get a Whoot Whoot?

Answer: yes

‘My Sister Did What?’

A local bro was shocked the morning after his Phi Beta Epsilon party when he saw pictures of his sister post beer pong and flippy cup games. Said the bro, this “my sister did what??”

Poll Determines Still Unsure About Canada

One used to throw out “Canada sucks!” willy nilly, order but times have changed, store polls have shown that people are just not so sure what Canada is really all about, or what willy nilly really means.

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