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Group of Friends Leave Friend’s Behind

Park walking friends leave friend behind. Friend’s naked behind has no problem making new friends.

ADVICE: Always Read the Label

If the label says dry hump only…you’d better go ahead and dry hump only.

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Los Angeles Rude

2011 Travel and Leisure Survey, information pills has concluded that Los Angeles is the rudest city in America. Up yours New York and guy who is trying to merge into a freeway lane.

Katy Perry and Elephants

A new popular fetish is emerging amongst the internet, order Elephants trunks and scared topless celebrities. This niche will fail it’s too broad and not specific enough. But we wish Celephant enthusiasts the best of luck.

REPORT: Booze Still Gets You Drunk

After extensive, page extensive research, viagra dosage the staff at has determined that drinking booze does in fact still get you drunk.

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Quick Tipz #05

A great way to save time is to multitask…”All three of us need to bathe AND we all have to smoke a cig?? I’ll run the water; Jane, abortion you pack the smokes; Beth, website like this start taking off all of our clothes.”

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Cheap beer, viagra dosage check. Dildo in beer hand, check. Hotel key card…?

Top Vacation Destination Abruptly Changed to Wherever This Photo Was Taken

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Where Paris and Hawaii once ruled, more about the location of this photo (possibly Paris or Hawaii) has sky rocketed to the most desirable vacation spot in the world.

Author’s Note: About the girl on the left…uuuuummmmmm….

Darwin’s Less Popular Theory

Finally proof that we evolved from sexy ass licking mermaids.

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2011 Year of the Slutty Rabbit

2011 is the year of the rabbit according the Chinese calendar. It is believed it will be a prosperous and sexy year.

NEWS UPDATE: Babezatron will be off til the New Year, erectile enjoy, be safe, and take photos at your sexy parties for us.

Rudolph Shows More Than His Red Nose

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was suspended from flying on Xmas Eve as he inappropriately groped and flashed a few female Elves. Replacing him in line for sleigh pulling duties was Jennifer the Xmas stripper.

Merry XXXmas

We wish you the happiest of Holidays.

David Arquette’s Evil Twin Spotted at New Orleans Nightclub

The often elusive, what is ed and always mischievous Alonzo Arquette (evil twin brother of actor David Arquette), was spotted being up to no good at a popular bar in New Orleans last week.

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Hit This Fitness

“Fine, cialis 40mg LA fitness!.. I’ll keep my gym membership, sheesh”.

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