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jessica alba to attend mj’s memorial

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Jessica Alba will be attending Michael Jackson’s memorial at the staple center. She entered the controversial lottery to be buried with MJ, medications no word on if she has won.

NEWS UPDATE: Lucky 14 year old boy wins lottery to be buried alive with skeletor Michael Jackson. Congrats kid.

miley cyrus pregnant pictures

miley cyrus pregnant nude

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A lactating miley cyrus has been sending nude photos of herself to her potential fathers of her baby. Who’s my baby’s daddy song being recorded this week. Leaked tracks will be available shortly.

toe fetish lovers are confused about toe thumbs on hands.



Megan Fox, visit web star of the upcoming Transformer 2 movie, site has confused many toe fetish lovers. “I want to see a topless naked Megan Fox, and but at the same time what the deal with that thumb?” asks 15 year old aspiring toe fetish perv.

NEWS UPDATE: Megan Fox will be topless in the upcoming Thumb Wars episode 4 dvd.

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