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Nip Slips M.I.A. at SuperBowl

You know what was Missing In Action at the 2012 SuperBowl halftime show? Some brown British Indian nip slip. Instead we got a measly middle finger from pop star M.I.A. and some weird awkward old lady air thrusts from Madonna. Besides the delayed censoring of the middle finger (poor dude is about to get fined and fired by the FCC), doctor all in all it was a pretty uneventful show.

East St. Louis Police Chief Arrested in Xbox Sting

East St. Louis police chief, cialis 40mg Michael Baxton, has plead guilty to stealing four Xbox 360 consoles from the FBI. Officials had placed the gaming units in a car as part of a sting that could cost the chief up to $500,000, and up to 15 years in prison. Said the red headed guy from CSI: Miami, “looks like for the chief, it’s game over…”

Patrice O’Neal Dead

Comedian Patrice O’Neal died this Monday night. Suffering from a stroke and diabetes complications starting in October.

His hilarious break down of relationships, medications was truthful, unique, and should be watched by all girls acting all crazy and shit with their man.

Pay a little respect to Patrice ladies, S’ some D’s like a pornostar for your boyfriend, lover, or whatever tonight, it’s what Patrice would have wanted. Also watch Elephant In The Room, preferably while giving/getting said head.

Demi and Ashton Split

Demi Moore announced today that she plans to end her six year marriage to actor Ashton Kutcher after allegations of infidelity. This means of course, decease that Demi will once again be the worlds most desirable milf; while Kutcher will continue to star on the number one sitcom on television…although strangely, I don’t know a single person who watches his show.

Heavy Dead

Heavy D, look of Heavy D and the Boyz, has passed away at age 44. Rest in pies.

Dr. Murray Found Guilty, On Suicide Watch

Dr. Conrad Murray, ambulance doctor for Michael Jackson, symptoms is on suicide watch, after a guilty verdict of involuntary manslaughter was issued. “After seeing some white girl ta-tas, I’m outta here”, said the guilty doc.

Boxing Legend Joe Frazier Dead

advice the relentless slugger who became the heavyweight champion of the world and earned boxing immortality with three epic battles against Muhammad Ali, there died Monday at age 67, stuff his personal manager said.” src=”” alt=”” width=”634″ height=”401″ />

Joe Frazier, the relentless slugger who became the heavyweight champion of the world and earned boxing immortality with three epic battles against Muhammad Ali, died Monday at age 67, his personal manager said.

Here are some boxing babes to help you mourn this tragic loss.

Lindsay Lohan to Pose for Playboy

Actress Lindsay Lohan will be featured in the January/February issue of Playboy. Said one Playboy subscriber, stomach “you know, this web this might be the first time I use the I buy it for the articles excuse and actually mean it.”

It’s Always Funny in Devito-ville (or Twins Part II)

Heidi Klum Takes It Off

Heidi Klum takes it all off, malady the bodacious celeb removed more than her panties for the 2011 TAO Las Vegas Halloween party.

Ex Real World Star Sues MTV for Sexual Harassment

Tonya Cooley, buy best known most for her stints on MTV shows The Real World, cialis 40mg and The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, ampoule is suing the channel, along with production company Bunim/Murray, for sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual assault. The events allegedly took place during the filming of the 2009 Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and not while she was stripping naked for Playboy and making a string of unsuccessful soft core porn movies…

Paz de la Huerta Shows Us Whats Under Her Boardwalk Empire

Its not like you havn’t seen her ass naked getting pounded 1940’s doggy style, store but, Actress Paz de la Huerta, who plays the sultry Lucy Danziger of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, gets nude for photographer Terry Richardson.

Happy 25th Katy Perry

Katy Perry, drugs Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, turns 25 this October 25th 2011. What did you make for her this year? We made a cake made entirely from flour, our sperm, stolen Katy Perry hair, frosting, two eggs, and weird crying tears, in the shape of her face and ours. Hope she likes it, Happy 25th!

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