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Jessica Biel VS Megan Fox

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Smurfs or Avatar People?

Babezatron will be underconstruction tonight
Babezatron will be under construction, there don’t mind the mess.
Babezatron will be underconstruction tonight, visit web hope you’ll be into the re-design
Babezatron will be underconstruction tonight, pharmacy hope you’ll be into the re-design

The great debate has been heating up as the Smurf movie approaches its release. Many nerds are in a dilemma, clinic “do I imagine my girlfriend as a Smurfette or an Avatar as I approach my release”? Our coverage will continue as this important issue continues.

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D.E.N.N.I.S. System Works

Everyone screams for some ass-cream.

Glenn Howerton who portrays Dennis Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, purchase proves to you non believers that the fictional D.E.N.N.I.S. system does indeed work. As proof we present photos taken before a possible threesome with Glenn, clinic Madmen’s Joan Holloway ( Christina Hendricks ) , and It’s Always Sunny’s The Waitress ( Mary Elizabeth Ellis ).

Katy Perry | The Simpsons

Amanda Jones / Sugar Kane seems like a fun model to work with.
Did you think we were going to make some sort of pussy/pussy cat joke?
For shame, clinic sheesh.

NAME: Lily Francfort
AGE: 25 years old
LOCATION: Montreal
VICE: Luxury

Babezatron: We’re really nervous about this interview. Can you tell?
Lily: Yes indeed… I can smell it. hehehe

B: Is that a bad way to start an interview?
L: No. It’s funny, rx since its a virtual interview, prostate it’s absurd and cool.

B: What would your first question be if you were interviewing someone?
L: How is life treating you these days?

B: And how would you answer that?
L: Very well, thank you! I get to fulfill my kinks!

B: Which do you prefer; spanker or spankee?
L: I can’t choose. It’s too hard. I love both. It depends of my mood actually. I’m much more dominant than submissive.
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Friends Linkz 03

See what our friends are posting.

The Beer Goggler – Katy Perry
Bad Girls Hotbox – Vikki Blows and Frien
In the Raw – Dree Hemingway GIFS

Pretty Hot & Sexy – Gisele Bunchen topless in Vogue
Your Daily Girl – Bulgarian Playboy Playmates

Harry Potter Faked

It has come to our attention that none of the magic in the Harry Potter documentaries are real. We at Babezatron are appalled and and disgusted by the charade. At least Hermoine’s / Emma Watson ‘s nude photos are real.

Disney’s Tangled Blows Harry

Fanzatron: “In this enlightened day and age, cheapest this is a deep thought just as sexy as a good deep throat?”

Babezatron: nope.

Disney’s 3D animated movie “Tangled”, viagra sale blows Harry Potter at the box office this weekend. Dropping an estimated 68.5 million dollar load all over HP7’s face.

Paramore Adult Film In Talks

polaroid ass thong panties girl

The current line of iPods with the added cameras, drug do not have a Polaroid function as of yet. Emo girls are bummed, but it does not stop them from taking photos of themselves.

A San Fernando Valley studio is in talks with the band Paramore to create a Mockumentary Porno feature the beloved red head lead singer, shop Hayley Williams.
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Spongebob Star Patrick Checks Into Rehab

Forget milk! If you want a killer bod (or at least a killer buzz), store drink yourself an icy cold PBR.

Forget milk! If you want a killer bod (or at least a killer buzz), nurse drink yourself an icy cold PBR.

After several racy photos, healing numerous barroom brawls, buy more about and yes, even a sex tape, Spongebob Squarepants star Patrick, announced that he will be taking a break from filming to check into an undisclosed rehab center for drug and sex addiction.

RELATED STORY: Tommy Pickles was picked up earlier in the week for soliciting sex from an undercover officer.

Choose Your Caption 02 ( Harry Potter Edition )

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Scarlett Johansson Hosts SNL Tonight

The sound on the office TV is currently on the fritz…but we’re going to watch anyway.

OFFICIAL OFFER: I will pay $200 to make out with Scarlett Johansson.

Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks

“This is me at the bay” narrates the giant solo boob.

A Madmen Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks look a like – look a like, buy really looks a like, and like the Joan Halloway / Christina Hendricks look a like.

(look a like model/photos at mike dowson )

Katy Perry Look-a-like

California Prop 19, doctor decriminalizing possession of marijuana, approved has failed to pass. Girls across California make sexy pouty faces and smoke in protest to the poll results.

This just in, medications Katy Perry Look A Like, website like this really looks like Katy Perry.

Olivia Munn + Rolling Stones

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The Home Depot announced this weekend that they will begin work on a new Hard Wood section. Strangely, adiposity it will apparently be located nowhere near the lumber section.

There arn’t many hot and funny girls out there, more about but up there on the very short list of hot + funny babes of 2010 is Olivia Munn. Watch the video to see a behind the scenes interview during her sexy Rolling Stone’s photo shoot.

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