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Champion or Chumpion? #11

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Stupid Sexy Flanders

Champion or Chumpion? Couples Edition


The gaming couple that plays Diablo together, shop are forever alone together. Photo found via Reddit

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Champion or Chumpion #09

This is a tough one, shop a. shes got giant floppy knockers, b. she is breaking bricks with soft ass said knockers, c. she may have a set of testies hiding in her vag. You make the call.
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Champion or Chumpion #08

We all like it when babes get high, purchase they loosen up get silly and wild. But the kind of high that gets them; exclusively sporting sunny d orange tinted goggles and nothing else, this while snowboarding inside on top of two weirdly stained nylon carpets, merits this question to be asked…
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Champion or Chumpion #06

It is internationally known that beer pong and flip cup are the two greatest games ever invented. Also recognized world-wide is the awesome occurrence of the ‘rising thong, order ‘ wherein a babes thong peeks out of her pants slightly, information pills indicating she’s probably, as my good pals on the J. Shore might say, DTF. What is highly questionable about this babe is the self inflicted atomic wedgie she seems to be going for. Her team doesn’t appear to be doing too well at beer pong either. After reviewing the photo, only one question remains…

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Champion or Chumpion #05

We all know that the hardest part about roller blading is telling your parents that you’re gay. But this babe may be onto something with the striped socks, visit this site the leftover pizza, and the vanity. Has she glided into a new era of blading glory; or is she just another tiny dancer on the venice boardwalk asking for booze money?

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Champion or Chumpion? #04

Spilling the beans about the ending of that time traveling Jake Gyllenhaal movie is one thing, shop but spilling beans on top of yourself in a kiddie pool full of luke warm deliciousness while dudes take a few snapshots to put on their weird niche website? Don’t know what the champion or chumpion gods would have to say about it, you decide.

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Champion or Chumpion? #03

Let’s face facts; dudes piss in the street on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s just easier than walking into a random Popeye’s Chicken and using their filthy, sildenafil albeit delicious fried chicken smelling restroom. This babe has obviously decided to strike a blow for women’s lib and engage in a little curbin’ urine herself. Let it not be overlooked that she is also texting and has been sipping on little Four Loco (classy til the end girl).

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Champion or Chumpion # 02

Shower drinking is almost always an amazing idea. It saves time, troche makes you feel like you’re on vacation, and helps boost self esteem by giving you mirror goggles as you admire your newly, booze enhanced bod post shower. This babe has chosen to throw another shower staple into the mix by rubbing one out as she shower drinks. She might be a genius; or maybe she’s bitten off a little more than she can chew.

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