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Champion or Chumpion? Couples Edition


The gaming couple that plays Diablo together, shop are forever alone together. Photo found via Reddit

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Olivia Malone

Photographer Olivia Malone

Olivia Malone was born and raised on the east side of Los Angeles. She received her BFA in Photography and Imaging from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2004. She divides her time traveling between Los Angeles and where she lives now in New York. Her photography explores the transitions between youth and adulthood, view emphasizing the period where freedom and independence define the essence of youth’s unabashed allure. Using subjects handpicked from her life, she utilizes symbolic locations and real people to convey concepts that draw upon her own experiences in a symbiotically fantastical and candid world. Olivia has exhibited in group shows in Edinburgh, New York, Los Angeles and Austin.

Alpine / Hands Music Video

Bizarrely seductive music video by Luci Schroder for Melbourne based electronic group Alpine. Its a must watch if you like girls making out with axes, discount themselves, the tv, watermelons, fish in swimming pools, their own wrists.

Happy Boss’ Day

Today is considered “Happy Boss Day”, this so either appreciate your boss with tons of tits, like this lucky asshole boss (if its a guy he won’t file a suit against you, he’ll probably find a way to promote you), or you can play nasty tricks on him/her, and blame it on the guy that nobody likes two cubicles over, and hopefully get that douche fired, nobody even likes you Todd get over it. Happy Boss’ Day!

Sorority Obsession Leads Police to Anthrax Suspect

Investigators, there after several years of looking into a string of infamous anthrax-laced letter mailing crimes, healing finally closed in on Bruce Ivins, after Ivins emailed pictures of himself developing the deadly strain of the virus to a former member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, the sorority he had been obsessed with in college. Ivins overdosed on prescription pain medication before police could make an arrest and only weeks before Ivins himself could throw his annual anthrax-laced foam party.

Happy 4th Of July

A message from an adorably lost awkward white girl.

NY Gay

New York state legalizes gay marriage. And thats good news for you fellas, viagra now you can finally propose to that hot lesbian.

Local Ex Girlfriends Decide to Go Wild After Break Up

Local ex girlfriends decide to continue the hated tradition of pissing off ex-boyfriends after breakups, this with techniques like:

-Dressing like a slut
-Non-chalant  bestfriend titty grabs
-Posting “I had a REALLY good time at local hip-hop club” on facebook
-Doing coke off dudes’ cocks
-Always wanting to dance and grind
-Suddenly being ok with giving blowjobs
-Losing 10pounds
– Being happy and successful

Legendary Hottub Source of Legionarre Disease

The source of bacteria outbreak Legionarre Disease, cialis 40mg which affected 200 party guest at the famed Playboy mansion, seems to have come from the infamous grotto hottub. Officials from the Los Angeles health department confess results from tests would have been released earlier but scientist’s wives required them to avert eyes as they tested contaminated Playboy mansion  guests.

Good Morning

“Waking up with 3 hot blondes every now and again never gets old”, symptoms admits lucky douchebag.

REPORT: Booze Still Gets You Drunk

After extensive, page extensive research, viagra dosage the staff at has determined that drinking booze does in fact still get you drunk.

photo found via vivamus-atque-amemus

Quick Tipz #05

A great way to save time is to multitask…”All three of us need to bathe AND we all have to smoke a cig?? I’ll run the water; Jane, abortion you pack the smokes; Beth, website like this start taking off all of our clothes.”

photo found via ambidextrously-erotic

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