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Quick Tipz #04

In case of a water emergency, here use the floating double DDevices aboard neighboring drunk girls boat.

Darwin’s Less Popular Theory

Finally proof that we evolved from sexy ass licking mermaids.

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Happy Nude Year 2011!

Champagne, buy more about the Champagne of dudes who thrive on drunk girls.

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Playboy’s Tron Legacy

We are sure that all have you have already daydreamed about getting a glow job from lead actress Olivia Wilde (Quorra) from Tron Legacy. Well photographer Jared Ryder teamed up with Playboy in a “Tron” inspired photoshoot starring models Irina Voronina and Sasckya Porto, there to better help you daydream about uploading your hardrive into some inputs .

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Babezatron 2.0

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D.E.N.N.I.S. System Works

Glenn Howerton who portrays Dennis Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, purchase proves to you non believers that the fictional D.E.N.N.I.S. system does indeed work. As proof we present photos taken before a possible threesome with Glenn, clinic Madmen’s Joan Holloway ( Christina Hendricks ) , and It’s Always Sunny’s The Waitress ( Mary Elizabeth Ellis ).

Sexy Airport Screenings

TSA has created a new agency for an even more aggressive airport screening stance. The newly formed agency, viagra 40mg TNA,  will begin pulling hot girls into special lines effective immediately.

Poll Results, Sweating Anticipation

Babes across the U.S are sweating in anticipation, advice especially in California where prop 19 and 23 are button issues. The results of the 2010 polls should be coming in at any moment cross your fingers and twist your nips this should be a close one.

Shake That Ass Video

Rock Solid Mafia – Shake that Ass from Sam Goldie on Vimeo.

In the day an age of crappy music videos, cost Rock Solid Mafia has provided all the key ingredients for a great music video: Babes, Guns, Gratuitous Ass Shots, Frolicking, and Spilling Stuff on Babes.

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Babes Show Some Love – “Babezatron is #1″

Thanks babes for showing some love and letting us know that you think we’re number one.

LSD Detected in Disneyland Drinking Water

Officials at both Disneyland in Anaheim, decease and Euro Disney, visit this site announced today that the two parks have had rising levels of LSD in the public and employee drinking fountains for years. Said one representative, “well I guess that answers the question as to why the Alice in Wonderland and Mr. Toads Wild Ride attractions always have such long lines.”

THIS JUST IN: Ariel hot in mermaid AND human form.

Bubble Porn

We should all already be aware of “bubble porn” where you take sfw images and create graphic circles covering the image to trick the viewer into thinking that the circles are covering a naked body, adiposity note the examples. If you want to know more about the origins, it basically came from a Mormon man trying to bypasses the “thou shall not look at porn” rule in his religion with a technique called “bubbling”.

Well what if you took it one step further and created tangible real “bubbles” and put it on a girl, it may look a lil something like this.

Nothing Funny Here

This is just hot. Agreed?

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