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It’s Always Funny in Devito-ville (or Twins Part II)

Heidi Klum Takes It Off

Heidi Klum takes it all off, malady the bodacious celeb removed more than her panties for the 2011 TAO Las Vegas Halloween party.

Erotic Rugs

Can’t find a carpet to match your erotic drapes? Well luckily enough for you and your mismatching carpet/drapes problem, hospital Erin M Riley makes fun erotic tapestries. Now you’ll be able to say, malady yes my carpet matches my drapes, hoe.

She is currently showing at Sky High Gallery in Milwaukee WI through November 21, 2011.

High Heel Surgery

Listen, abortion high heels are hot, but the clickity clack noise when girls try to run,( although it is cute to watch them run in those things), but the noise can get quite annoying. One Doctor in Sweden is offering cosmetic high heel implant surgery. “Its a very painful and expensive process”, admits the doc, “but come now, the clickity clacking is quite obtrusive, isn’t it?”. This way you can be totally nude, sexy, and sneaky as a ninja.

photo via bitrebels

Champion or Chumpion #08

We all like it when babes get high, purchase they loosen up get silly and wild. But the kind of high that gets them; exclusively sporting sunny d orange tinted goggles and nothing else, this while snowboarding inside on top of two weirdly stained nylon carpets, merits this question to be asked…
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Beastiality Can Be Fun and Cute

Patrick Scott of Zoochosis has produced a chuckle worthy little short with girls in cute lamb hoodies shaking their little animal buns. But let’s get real, story this is some pussy ass bestiality video for the faint hearted, website sometimes you gotta get weird and peep some red donkey dong getting rammed into a reluctant young lady. (link missing)

Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf, Music Video

Director Keith Schofield, patient has got some major balls, and they are proudly on display via his creatively, strange, erotic, funny, absurd, disturbing, music video for Duck Sauce. Good for you Keith, and good for you Duck Sauce for having faith in a wild concept, keep em coming.

Fridge Living On The Rise





Rent for a one bedroom apartment in an urban city isn’t cheap, order especially for people girls who have gives unnecessary attitude and annoyed at every little thing you say as their qualifications on their resumes. Many have turned to renting from asshole jerks who have put their fridge space for rent. “I now have the three basic B’s in my kitchen, website like this beer, butter, and babes”, says local fridge renter. Although fridge living can be seen as low as one could possibly go, it is also pretty chill.

Historical Pick Up Lines

The fellas at college humor, cost whipped up some pretty clever pick up lines that a few historical figures may or may not have used to sucker in some sucking. Halloween tip: if you are dressing up as any as these historical figures, you might as well use these lines all night.

thanks grgnn

NBA Lockout

The NBA is just a day away from canceling regular-season contests for only the second time in the league’s 65-year history. There is no going back once commissioner David Stern issues his edict this Monday.

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photo @andyreynolds

American Jugga-hoes

Director Sean Dunn asks a handful of people at the gather of Juggalos, pharmacy what does it means to be a Juggalo, in his film American Juggalo. It’s a pretty fun view, regardless if you believe these kids are the scum of the earth or messengers of peace.

At the very least you can skip through the “boring” parts, and give a looksie at some horrendous sloppy and some surprisingly gorgeous female juggalett’s juggs. Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard part watched the whole thing and collected the goods for you. You’re welcome.


Presenting some dumb yet slightly amusing condom/corporate slogan mashups.

These are a bunch of brand slogans that, see when presented on condom wrapperssuddenly become double entendres.

  • Pork. The Other White Meat. — National Pork Board
  • You’re in good hands with Allstate (but why am I wearing a condom?). — Allstate
  • Taking Care of Business. — Office Depot
  • When it absolutely, online positively, pill has to be there overnight (even though you wish you could ask them to leave). — Fed Ex
  • So easy a caveman can do it. — GEICO
  • I’m lovin’ it. — McDonald’s
  • M’m! M’m! Good! — Campbell’s Soup
  • It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken. — Perdue Farms
  • It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. — Timex
  • Home of the Whopper. — Burger King
  • Connecting People. — Nokia
  • Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. — Almond Joy/Mounds
  • Give me a break, give me a break; break me off a piece of that penis — Kit Kat

New Condoms Tumblr
via Geekologie

Dropping ‘Bows All Over Your Face

Skittles – Newlyweds – Dir. Cousins [Not… by sharetherainbows

Music video and commercial directing collective Cousins, buy create a pretty awkwardly sexy funny spec commercial for the Skittles brand.

Sian Kennedy

Photographer, order Sian Kennedy’s playful images puts a smile on our faces and our boners, go see for yourself. Sian’s portfolio, not our smiling boners.

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