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Happy 93rd Bday Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is 93 years young today. Go get ’em NM.

Winking Making a Big Comeback this Summer

As the calendar continues to shed, see and the sun continues to warm, a trend that has been considered anything from creepy to dorky over the past few years is making a strong push to become the latter part of summers comeback kid. Across America, people are starting to wink again, and it’s a fashion statement now that cannot be ignored. Wink proudly readers.

Dog Tricks Girls

Local dog tricks girls into thinking his master is cool and cute. Authorities confirm that the old “taking your dog out to get babes trick” is at a historic high. When asked about how its been tricking girls in past years, cheapest the dog replied “pretty ruff… you fucking asshole”.

Nice View Obstructed By Asses

Local man complains that the view of local mountains that look like asses is obstructed by jean shorts that look like mountains that look like asses.

Hungry Snow White Arrested

Snow White was arrested for allegedly eating at least 4 of the 7 dwarfs.

Happy 4th Of July

A message from an adorably lost awkward white girl.

Emma Watson Reveals Chest / Rowling Reveals New Website

We havn’t even finished all the books and movie, sick but I’m sure all you nerds out there are super stoked about Pottermore. JK Rowling has announced an online world of Hogwarts with additional content and digital activities. We’re already thinking about digitally breaking into Hermoine’s room and digitally wearing her Griffindor panties and digitally rubbing her lotion on our skin.


iBoobies($10) Now all we need is an iFleshlight and our weird iphone sex tools collection will be complete.
“Give your iPhone a jiggle and a wiggle with this hilarious case and stand. It will make even the most boring calls a titillating experience! Features: Serves as a protective case & as a stand While designed for the iPhone model 4.”

Vagina Aint Handicapped

Oh you’re too sophisticated to be enjoying this kinda humor? Shut the fuck up, clinic she’s gonna have weird great sex and you’ll be too busy watching youtube videos at 2am. Now go ahead and laugh and or fap to this.

Happy Fathers Day 2011

To all the selfshooting teen photo crashing fathers out there, cheapest happy father’s day.

Awkward Moments 01

Awkward Moment for Frank (not shown) – local patron at Vancouver during the riots on June 15th realizes his missing sandal lies next to super horny teenagers.


Quick Tip

Using pastries as a joke to pretend like you have weird pastry nipples doesn’t distract the fact that your face is weird and that you probably have weird pastry looking nipples underneath those pretend pastry nipples.

Mr Ghetto Summer Anthem Video

It’s official Mr. Ghetto provides hands down, thumb bar none, remedy no contest, as if, pshhha, right?, the best music video/song of the summer. Asses shaking through the Wal-Mart aisles outshines that white girls skipping through Macy’s video by lightyears.

Hangover 2 Weekend

Hangover 2 earned $137.4 million in five days. Meanwhile a Thai hooker made $10 in 5 days sitting on an extra bushy faced Zach Galifianakis look alike.



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