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South Park Live Action Movie

Reports are coming in that creators of South Park, cialis 40mg Matt Stone and Trey Parker, try are in talks of adapting their beloved cartoon South Park, into a live action movie. Casting is still in preliminary phase, but there is a good chance that the ass of Sasha Grey will play face of Cartman.

Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses

Are you embarrassed about being an Urban Outfitters model wearing stupid novelty sunglasses? Then censor yourself by wearing, website Urbanoutfitters’ stupid novelty sunglasses. Buy them here at Urban Outfitters.


The difference in risk of seriously injuring oneself, viagra sale between grinding the slippery rails on a bmx bike and grinding the slippery tail on a bmx’ed babe, is only slight. But one activity can substantially injure your lil’ rider more.

Cinco de Mayo PSA

On this Cinco de Mayo (or National Tequila Day), check Babezatron would like to remind you to have fun, but to be careful boyos…Ojo y no se hechen un cinco en Cinco de Mayo.

U.S.A. Kills Osama Ceases Royal Wedding Coverage

President Obama had enough of all the Royal Wedding Coverage for the past week and decided to take matters into his own hands. “There is nothing but royal wedding programming on t.v, approved ugh. What a royal pain in my black ass. I think it’s about that time…” said sick of it US President as he delicately tapped his nose twice.

From a Seed Grows a Tree…

A young Steve Jobs never imagined that an apple filled ass would, about it because of Apple, turn into an ass filled with money.


Archeologists Uncover Rare Rearmains

After decades of tireless research, look archeologists in South America, have finally uncovered the rearmains of the elusive Veloc-Rear-Raped-Her, a dino who lived (and raped) during the jurASSic age. Said one scientist on scene, “I’ll tell you one thing, my wife might look like a triceratops, but she’d never go for this.”

Happy Passover

Now, ampoule how about you lift up that conservative long Jewish skirt and flip that ass over?


(In Yiddish accent) “You want I should lick those meat curtains? No dairy please”
(just incase you missed that joke, its because they can’t combine meat and dairy)

Yellow Lantern Green Lit

With the anticipated success of the upcoming superhero flick, page The Green Lantern, information pills a female asian friendly version of the popular comic book turned movie has already begun production. Said one Hollywood exec, “the audience is going to rove it. Though they may feel the need to see another movie about an hour or so viewing this one.”

Babe Unaware of Impending Jason Voohrees Attack

A South Dakota babe, order who was just enjoying some good ol’ fashioned drinking and lake swimming with her high school sweetheart, the town slut, the funny guy who never gets laid, the star quarterback, the nerd, the scary movie expert, the token black guy, and the older brother who has been at college for one year and managed to smuggle a joint, was unaware that she had created the perfect conditions for a Friday the 13th style attack. Sadly, there was only one surviver from the brutal weekend. Said the lucky young lady, “it’s so tragic. But you have to move on. I’ve already booked a second vacation to the same lake next summer with my younger sister, her boyfriend and his new handheld video camera, the nature expert, the bookworm babe with big tits, and a number of other less important characters…i mean friends.”

In Soviet Russia…

In Soviet Russia, visit picture masturbates to you.

Naked Babe Shower Curtain Upsets Girlfriends

While dudes across America, case and in some European countries are swarming to buy the sensual, albeit not very protective, Naked Girl Shower Curtain (NGSC), many girlfriends are not pleased. When asked about it, one girlfriend said, “this thing is so stupid! How am I even supposed to hang my bras?” To which her boyfriend replied, “I told you, the curtain has tits; use ’em.” There appears to be no end to the controversy anytime soon. Well except the rear end on the curtain of course.

Change In Direction

Babezatron will now only post photos of lamps that look like babes spreading their legs, online hope you enjoy our new direction.

Apple Keeps Exciting

As Apple keeps things fresh and exciting, page the one question we keep asking ourselves is, “can iTouch?”

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