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The Office + Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell will play a Dunder Mifflin branch manager who gets sent to Scranton in at least four episodes this season. As this is Steve Carrell’s last season, approved producers knew they wanted to replace him with someone who had a name that could rhyme with Carrell…

Proof Is In the Pudding

Local divorcee blames himself for local divorce, more about ” my wife had always had suspected that I had been cheating on her, medical   and we’ll when she found my secretary ass naked in our tub filled with  chocolate pudding, there was no way to deny that the proof was indeed in the pudding”

2011 Oscar Nominations

The Oscar’s lesser known Best XXX Parody Picture category nominations have been announced. is proudly to present them  in no particular order:

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Who do you think will win?

ADVICE: Always Read the Label

If the label says dry hump only…you’d better go ahead and dry hump only.

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Star Whores: The Empiress’ Got Back

In an attempt to further diversify the Star Wars brand, visit George Lucas thinks about allowing the porn industry to do some licensed spoofs.

Smurfs’ Loads Blue All Over

Female Gargamel bathes in Smurf splooge, ambulance swears it exfoliates skin. Although admits that her fingers are a bit sore from all the tiny handjobs.

Quick Tipz #06

Asking a babe if they want to see your giant mushroom tip can sometimes get you sexy snow sex.

An Apple A Day No Longer Keeps the Tittay Squeezers Away

Just like garlic repels vampires, tadalafil apples, up until recent studies by bored orchard owners, were a great way for woman and larger gentlemen to avoid getting their tittayz squeezed. But now, with the afore mentioned research, there are concerns that there may be no way to keep from being honked

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Katy Perry and Elephants

A new popular fetish is emerging amongst the internet, order Elephants trunks and scared topless celebrities. This niche will fail it’s too broad and not specific enough. But we wish Celephant enthusiasts the best of luck.

REPORT: Booze Still Gets You Drunk

After extensive, page extensive research, viagra dosage the staff at has determined that drinking booze does in fact still get you drunk.

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Cheap beer, viagra dosage check. Dildo in beer hand, check. Hotel key card…?

An Ass Good Enough To Eat

Make mine a double double.

Darwin’s Less Popular Theory

Finally proof that we evolved from sexy ass licking mermaids.

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Lady Gag Gag Sex Doll

Did Santa bring a Lady Gag Gag sex doll to you as well during the holidays? If not you can always borrow ours.

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