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To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

“It’s ok Jim, more about I’ll just hang back and scout the lay of the land a little more…”

Brunch – Let’s Eat Out

“I’ll have what he’s having.”

Paramore Adult Film In Talks

A San Fernando Valley studio is in talks with the band Paramore to create a Mockumentary Porno feature the beloved red head lead singer, shop Hayley Williams.
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Golden Toilet Monster Attacks on the Rise

After years of laying dormant, viagra the Golden Toilet Monsters, erectile that reeked so much havoc in the mid 1970’s, have been attacking beautiful babes all over the globe. The only way to stop the evil golden clan is, of course, to photograph each incident and submit it to We look forward to helping.

Spongebob Star Patrick Checks Into Rehab

After several racy photos, healing numerous barroom brawls, buy more about and yes, even a sex tape, Spongebob Squarepants star Patrick, announced that he will be taking a break from filming to check into an undisclosed rehab center for drug and sex addiction.

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Choose Your Caption 02 ( Harry Potter Edition )

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Croc Crotch Epidemic

As reported earlier, web (Croc Crotch by the Babezatron staff), what is ed Croc Crotch now seems to be rising at an alarming rate. “Some girls don’t even realize they have it, viagra sale until it’s too late”. Doctor Crocodile Dentist advises women to examine themselves daily and check for Crocodiles hanging, protruding, birthing and biting off from their vagina, especially before any sort of webcam selfshot photos.

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Vacation Photos

“…well this is me above the bay” narrates the giant solo boob.

Lack of Fire Escapes on New Buildings Make it Harder to Cheat

Leaving at the crack of dawn is a tried and true move when it comes to fooling around. And nothing works better for a quick getaway than a good old fashioned fire escape. Unfortunately, approved for years new buildings have not been required to have such escapes, and the art of the getaway has been suffering ever since.

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Babezatron Parking Lot to be Moved Across the Street

No reason……..

Could Narcolepsy Edge Out Nymphomania As Sexiest Disorder?

Sure, page we’re all familiar with nymphomania, medicine and the inherent hotness involved; but a girl that takes two, three, maybe even sixteen naps a day? Not too shabby. More to come as this hot debate continues.

Two Girls One Duck

In an attempt take more insurance marketshare, unhealthy Aflac has expanded into erotic advertising. Their key advertising spokesperson, the Aflac Duck, will star in a series of sexy commercials including, “Two Girls One Duck” and “Suck the Duck 1 and 2″.

Choose Your Caption 01

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Devil’s Sex Scandal Continues

It’s been several weeks since salacious, side effects self-shot pictures of the devil were leaked to the media, and the controversy rages on. Said one demon(in horrible, distorted demon voice), “you know it’s just really embarrassing. I mean we are trying to go about our days, being evil, and every time you open an evil newspaper or turn on the evil news, we have to see this? So embarrassing.”

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