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Halloween Pumpkins and Melons

Look at all those melons, cheapest ripe for the picking.

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Croc Crotch

Recent studies show that swimming in the waters of crocodile infested waters can lead to a curable yet dangerous disease called Croc Crotch. Getting head has now been given a whole new meaning.

NEWS UPDATE: Sales of Croc sandals on the decline.

Ancient Greek Creature – Half Woman, Half Horse, Half Black Dude

The power to seduce men, mind run at lightening quick speeds, and get hassled by the man…

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Clash with TV Host Bill O’reilly

View hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar got into a heated argument with conservative television host Bill O’reilly just days ago. Unofficial sources have told Babezatron that the dispute stemmed from O’reilly’s outrage about the lack of loofas in his dressing room.

Roethlisberger Returns to the Playing Field After Playing the Field

Big Ben will return as quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday as they take on the Cleveland Browns. After the game, troche Ben plans on searching for some local Cleveland pink.

Grandmothers I’d Like To F

If only all your grandmothers looked like this, cheapest there would be a lot more GMILF talk out there.

Babes Show Some Love – “Babezatron is #1″

Thanks babes for showing some love and letting us know that you think we’re number one.

Beer Replaces Jell-O as Favorite Thing For Babes in Inflatable Pools to Swim In

It appears as if there’s no longer room room for jell-o, website as icy cold beer has claimed the top spot in the annual “what would you like to see this babe swim in?” poll conducted by Babezatron.

Related Story: Beer tastes good.

Beached Whale Free

After days of countless efforts to free the beached behemoth, here the Pacific Ocean’s high tide managed to sweep the beast away.

After days of countless efforts to free the beached behemoth, the Pacific Ocean’s high tide managed to sweep the beast away.

Ass Rubbing Centre

With your generous donations we can expand our Centre to more than just ass rubbing.

James Franco What A Drag

For all the three people out there in the world that wanted to see James Franco dressed in drag here you go. Candy magazine has a some sort of editorial with more, there but why bother?

F**cking Babes…How Do They Work?

look insane clown posse, viagra sale babe, order fan, magnets, babes, how do they work, cosplay, clown, makeup, make up, rule 34, rule34, juggalo” src=”×700.jpg” alt=”” width=”600″ height=”802″ />

LSD Detected in Disneyland Drinking Water

Officials at both Disneyland in Anaheim, decease and Euro Disney, visit this site announced today that the two parks have had rising levels of LSD in the public and employee drinking fountains for years. Said one representative, “well I guess that answers the question as to why the Alice in Wonderland and Mr. Toads Wild Ride attractions always have such long lines.”

THIS JUST IN: Ariel hot in mermaid AND human form.

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