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Rick Sanchez Fired

CNN’s former news anchor, viagra sale Rick Sanchez, approved was fired for some remarks he made on a Sirius Radio interview. The ‘Rick’s List’ host suggested that Jewish people run all TV networks and calls Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart a bigot. We wouldn’t be surprised if he said he was super into babes that paint Swazis on their faces.

Bubble Porn

We should all already be aware of “bubble porn” where you take sfw images and create graphic circles covering the image to trick the viewer into thinking that the circles are covering a naked body, adiposity note the examples. If you want to know more about the origins, it basically came from a Mormon man trying to bypasses the “thou shall not look at porn” rule in his religion with a technique called “bubbling”.

Well what if you took it one step further and created tangible real “bubbles” and put it on a girl, it may look a lil something like this.

Hustler Presents Avatar XXX

Admit it, order when you watched James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D and you caught a glimpse of that blue side boob you got a little excited. Well now you’ll be able to see blue full boob and blue butts thanks to the visionaries at Hustler. Hopefully they’ll keep the amount of blue balls to a minimum.

Sh*t My Dad Says

On the set of Sh*t My Dad Says on CBS, order William Shatner acts like hes not a creep.

The twitter account @shitmydadsays is pretty genius, approved Justin quotes his curmudgeon short tempered father. The best part of the twitter account is you only hear his dad’s portion of the conversations, it might have been out of necessity because twitter only always 140 characters, but if you’d hear Justin’s side of the conversations these quotes would lose all its charm and magic. “My flight lands at 9:30 on Sunday…You want to watch what? What the fuck is mad men? I’m a mad man if you don’t pick me the hell up.” Its a great tweet read if you are looking for some hilarity.

On the flipside, some crazy producers managed to make this twitter account a TV show and it fails so hard. William Shatner who plays Justin’s dad was just the complete wrong casting choice, the dad is so watered down with suck, and the typical sitcom style formatting makes me want to rip my face off. I am really sad that this show did not deliver the goods.

SFW Invitation Just Arrived didn’t exist when this party invite for Diesel ‘s Jeans 30 year anniversary celebration was initially sent out a year and a half ago. But it has finally arrived and we are here to say, look we are too busy to attend anyways. But we appreciate the hilarious video invite, totally SFW BTW.

Vintage Sexists Advertising…

So true that it still stands the test of time.

Stop Motion Babes the New Rage

Booty Clap from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

The average internet fapper is getting quite bored with all the hot real babes clapping their bootys in the air. But fret not all you bored fappers, cialis 40mg stop motion animated babes will soon be fappable as Fapmation videos will be released in the near future, til then enjoy this little piece by Kirsten Lepore.

Guitar Hero Review

I know we are a little late on reviewing Guitar Hero but we just found the article, seek better late than never, information pills enjoy!
Guitars are cool, but color matching guitar playing? There is no way tihs is gonna catch on. Oooh I pressed the green and red buttons at the right time, yea real fun.  Try busting this game out during a party and you’ll get made fun of immediately no one wants to watch and participate in baby time guitars. Final thoughts, if there is any game you’re gonna buy this 2005 Christmas try out Banjo Kazooie.

Easter Bunny Troubles

Even the Easter Bunny has had a rough economic year.  To stay financially afloat she has succumb to participating in furry porn and playing “lets hide my eggs in your holes” .

NEWS UPDATE: Easter Bunny is available for wild bachelor parties.

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