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Emma Arvida Byström

Fun irreverent photographs by Emma Arvida Byström.

Photo Of The Day 06.02.12

What David Lynch aspires to be.

Censorship Towel

Censorship towel designed by carmichael collective

Whiskey Dick

Ask the thousands who are hit hard with Whiskey Dick syndrome, viagra 60mg its not fun. But the fellas at EpicMealTime think it is, and they’ve created a Whiskey Dick Lube .

Escalator Short

Patrick Scott cleverly presents a little story as an excuse to shoot an upskirt film, viagra in his short called Escalator.

Pleasure In Your Hands – Playboy Ad

Isn’t this just fucking adorably smart? Print advertising campaign for Playboy magazine done by Neogama/BBH in Sao Paulo.

Photo Of The Day 05.23.12

Balls deep. Source?

Henrik Vibskov

If you ever need a fashion designer that can design you some helicopter inspired shit Henrik Vibskov is your guy.

Photo Of The Day 05.18.12

Photo Of The Day 05.17.12

Turntablerocker – Alles Auf Die 303

Director Zoran Bihac’s music video for Turntablerocker. This is for the huge complaining Furry demographic that reads Babezatron, viagra approved here shut up and watch, satisfied?

Photo Of The Day 05.02.12

Optical Illusions 2k12

iPhone Bra Holder

Joeybra, discount a bra with an elastic pocket on the side that’s large enough to hold your phone, cash, and credit cards.

Mom Jeans To The Extreme

The Top Belt Jumpsuit designed by fashion house Viktor & Rolf was made to look like extremely high-waisted pants. Also known as Mom Jeans all ‘roided out.

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