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XXXmas Card

Director Tom Kuntz of MJZ wishes you a happy holiday.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dies

Kim dies at 69. Six-tyyyyyyyyy Niiiiiiiiiiiineeeeee!

Nipple Accessories by Nicola Costantino

Nicola Costantino’s nipple-wear and accessories. No word as of yet, viagra 100mg if they interactively get hard.

No Pants Subway Ride 2011

Running a train just got a little easier. Earlier this year over 5, diagnosis 000 people took off their pants on subways in 48 cities in 22 countries around the world. In New York, sildenafil the 10th Annual No Pants Subway Ride had over 3,500 participants. For more info on the No Pants Subway Ride check out

Drifting Wardrobe Malfunction Video

Unless you drive a Toyota Supra or even know what that means, page this is probably the only drifting video you’ll ever need to watch. Halfway into the video the helmetless big bosommed babe’s shirt bursts during a major drift, revealing her floppy tire racks.

Jonny Negron


Finally an illustration of a magical Narwhal humanoid having sex with a one piece bikini wearing scuba diver. View more of Jonny Negron‘s wild illustrations now!

Happy Turkey Day

We are very thankful for all the babes in this world but most importantly all our fans of Babezatron. Thanks so much for your constant viewing, illness reblogging, and liking. Many thanks, have a happy and safe turkey day.

photo via ?

Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly captures the classic butter face, abortion a mug like a dog, dosage and a bod of an angel, more about in a series of wonderful portrait paintings. Brian Donnelly has a solo show opening this Saturday, November 19th at 19 Karen Contemporary in Gold Coast, Australia.

PiXXXels by Jean-Yves Lemoigne

French photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne plays with pixels and babes in a fun playful way that gets our our dixels all lit up.

Urbanoutfitters Ri-dick-ulous


We’ve always thought Urban Outfitters needed a redesign, more about but not a complete overhaul, medicine just a little tweak. Something was definitely missing (doodles of dicks everywhere). Well this tumblr blog, has tweaked it ever so slightly, and fixed their design problem.

Get Those Censor Bars Outta My Life

Director David Knight has fun with black censor bars over naked babes romping and running about, seek for The BPA’s Toe Jam track. If you ask him nicely, maybe the editor on this music video will leak an uncensored version.

Dr. Murray Found Guilty, On Suicide Watch

Dr. Conrad Murray, ambulance doctor for Michael Jackson, symptoms is on suicide watch, after a guilty verdict of involuntary manslaughter was issued. “After seeing some white girl ta-tas, I’m outta here”, said the guilty doc.

Siri Seriously Missing

“I’m having trouble connecting to the network”, for sale were the very last words we have heard from our beloved Apple iphone personal assistant, see Siri. Missing reports have been piling in from across the USA. “I’m so scared. So scared that I’ll have to manually set my alarms and reminders”, says local scared iphone user.

We fear that the search for Siri, will take longer than a couple of hours. We pray that we can find her alive, unharmed, and still somewhat helpful enough to find the nearest gas station again.

photo via Indlekofer & Knoepfel

Dexter Fernandez Porn Collages

 Dexter Fernandez and his porn/art inspired collages.

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