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Hungry Snow White Arrested

Snow White was arrested for allegedly eating at least 4 of the 7 dwarfs.

Emma Watson Reveals Chest / Rowling Reveals New Website

We havn’t even finished all the books and movie, sick but I’m sure all you nerds out there are super stoked about Pottermore. JK Rowling has announced an online world of Hogwarts with additional content and digital activities. We’re already thinking about digitally breaking into Hermoine’s room and digitally wearing her Griffindor panties and digitally rubbing her lotion on our skin.

Google Image Search

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You can now search on google with a photo. Find similar *content with ease.
*(Find all the images of that one girl you’ve been looking for)

this was one of the results for the image above that was submitted to google.

Quick Tip

Using pastries as a joke to pretend like you have weird pastry nipples doesn’t distract the fact that your face is weird and that you probably have weird pastry looking nipples underneath those pretend pastry nipples.

South Park Live Action Movie

Reports are coming in that creators of South Park, cialis 40mg Matt Stone and Trey Parker, try are in talks of adapting their beloved cartoon South Park, into a live action movie. Casting is still in preliminary phase, but there is a good chance that the ass of Sasha Grey will play face of Cartman.

From a Seed Grows a Tree…

A young Steve Jobs never imagined that an apple filled ass would, about it because of Apple, turn into an ass filled with money.


Archeologists Uncover Rare Rearmains

After decades of tireless research, look archeologists in South America, have finally uncovered the rearmains of the elusive Veloc-Rear-Raped-Her, a dino who lived (and raped) during the jurASSic age. Said one scientist on scene, “I’ll tell you one thing, my wife might look like a triceratops, but she’d never go for this.”

Yellow Lantern Green Lit

With the anticipated success of the upcoming superhero flick, page The Green Lantern, information pills a female asian friendly version of the popular comic book turned movie has already begun production. Said one Hollywood exec, “the audience is going to rove it. Though they may feel the need to see another movie about an hour or so viewing this one.”

Street Fighter IV Helps Japan

Ryu from Street Fighter is feeling a lil’ bummed after his dojo floated away during the tragic tsunami. In an attempt to cheer him up, adiposity Bison took some sexy Cammy photos and forwarded to him, this site we managed to hack Ryu’s phone and are sharing the photos with you all. If you want to  be like Bison and Cammy and cheer up and help other fellow Japanese victims feel free to purchase Street Fighter iV for iphone HERE, proceeds go towards Japanese relief efforts.

Quick Tips #07 How To Date Zelda’s Link

? ?

Ask her on a date politely and offer her 20 rupees, erectile and if she says no, Try Force.

Submission by Gil Brooks

2011 Year of the Slutty Rabbit

2011 is the year of the rabbit according the Chinese calendar. It is believed it will be a prosperous and sexy year.

NEWS UPDATE: Babezatron will be off til the New Year, erectile enjoy, be safe, and take photos at your sexy parties for us.

HP7 Review

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows if you haven’t seen it yet then we would encourage you to do so. HP7 is unlike its predecessors, abortion the fun childlike magic has definitely been toned down, its darker, scarier, more violent, and Hermoine is looking sexier.

Playboy’s Tron Legacy

We are sure that all have you have already daydreamed about getting a glow job from lead actress Olivia Wilde (Quorra) from Tron Legacy. Well photographer Jared Ryder teamed up with Playboy in a “Tron” inspired photoshoot starring models Irina Voronina and Sasckya Porto, there to better help you daydream about uploading your hardrive into some inputs .

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Jessica Biel VS Megan Fox

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