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Easter Bunny Troubles

Even the Easter Bunny has had a rough economic year.¬† To stay financially afloat she has succumb to participating in furry porn and playing “lets hide my eggs in your holes” .

NEWS UPDATE: Easter Bunny is available for wild bachelor parties.

Nothing Funny Here

This is just hot. Agreed?

Blue Power Ranger

“Once you go Black Power Ranger you never go back”, healing says sexy Blue Power Ranger.

As You Stare At the Topless Girl

“Now the pants”, buy information pills says a creepy you.

Dudes Want to Know, “Who is This Babe Taking Pictures For?!?”

Merely minutes after the release of this self-taken butt shot, visit web dudes from all over want to know who the lucky bastard is that’s receiving this ‘sext’ or email. When interviewed, one Los Angeles native said, “gimme that butt.”

G String Mag 2.0

G String Magazine, clinic initially a magazine featuring different types of G guitar strings and their owners, tries for a new edgier direction.

Staring May Help Vision Loss

Local optometrist says staring at nipples straight on for 10 minutes a day may improve vision. “The distance between¬† nipple to nipple is a ratio that is similar to the distance from eyeball to eyeball, viagra order and soothes the receptors”, says optometrist.

Sam Raimi to Direct World of Warcraft Movie

1243453558501war wow babe gothic nerd nakedworld of warcraft girl nerd babe

World of Warcraft babes come out of their parents homes and go wild.

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