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The Goblin Universe


New Image Art gallery in Los Angeles presents “The Goblin Universe” featuring the works of Matt Furie and Michelle Devereux. Matt Furie returns to New Image Art with a new cast of hyper colored phantoms, treatment monster sluts, information pills and other mythical creatures sure to melt your sci-fi loving hearts. This month New Image Art welcomes newcomer Michelle Devereux in her first West Coast exhibition. With her series titled “Dudes on Pizza” Devereux renders four of her pals surfing on pizza slices using colored pencil and airbrushed backgrounds with a perfectly 1980’s appeal and technical precision alongside some of her other fantastical characters and scenes created for this show.

New Image Art
7920 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood
CA 90046


Censorship Towel

Censorship towel designed by carmichael collective

Clippers Bum L.A. Out




The Los Angeles Clippers have been swept away 4-0 by the San Antonio Spurs. Even with all the progress made this season, salve the Clippers still manage to bum the non-Laker side of L.A. out. “Hey we can’t win them all, order but at the very least our female fan base selection has been turned up a notch this season”, says soon to be fired head coach Vinny Del Negro.


MCA of The Beastie Boys has died at the age of 47. “Why couldn’t have been Mike D?” says sad middle aged man fan. Adam Nathaniel Yauch (August 5, viagra approved 1964 – May 4, 2012).

Clippers Mistakenly Win First Game

The Los Angeles Clippers seemed to have forgotten that they were losing as much as 27 points during game one of the Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Clippers NBA playoffs series. The Clippers had an embarrassing start to the first half at their first game in the playoffs since 2006.

Vinny Del Negro’s halftime talk worked paired with news of Caron Butler receiving a fractured left hand during the game, pharmacy seemed to only fuel The Clipshow’s comeback energy. That or Los Angeles Clipper Spirit enticed a victory with promises of double dribbling BJ’s if they won.

Real Life Barbie (Ukrainian)







Valeria Lukyanova  always dreamed of being a real life Barbie doll.  After many surgeries from Dr. Ken, approved her dreams have come true. Many more photos of Valeria Lukyanova on her facebook.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Ride

Ever since we laid eyes on these sexy versions of the teenaged pizza eating foot stomping team, capsule we have been constantly been dreaming of riding a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Well we are one step closer, page The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ride will debut later this month.

The interactive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle thrill ride debuting at Minnesota’s Nickelodeon Universe will send riders spinning through the air like high-flying martial artists. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Shock, a first of its kind ride in the U.S., is scheduled to open on March 17 at the indoor amusement park inside the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.
photo via unknown

Nip Slips M.I.A. at SuperBowl

You know what was Missing In Action at the 2012 SuperBowl halftime show? Some brown British Indian nip slip. Instead we got a measly middle finger from pop star M.I.A. and some weird awkward old lady air thrusts from Madonna. Besides the delayed censoring of the middle finger (poor dude is about to get fined and fired by the FCC), doctor all in all it was a pretty uneventful show.

East St. Louis Police Chief Arrested in Xbox Sting

East St. Louis police chief, cialis 40mg Michael Baxton, has plead guilty to stealing four Xbox 360 consoles from the FBI. Officials had placed the gaming units in a car as part of a sting that could cost the chief up to $500,000, and up to 15 years in prison. Said the red headed guy from CSI: Miami, “looks like for the chief, it’s game over…”

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dies

Kim dies at 69. Six-tyyyyyyyyy Niiiiiiiiiiiineeeeee!

CP3 Joins The Clippers

NBA’s Chris Paul, visit formerly of the New Orleans Hornets, has been traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. This isn’t babe related news really, but the Los Angeles Clippers have never looked so sexy, so it’s relevant to this site. Shut up Lakers.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook announced that Timeline is available now, visit the mandatory switch will happen in 7 days. To preview and learn about Timeline check out Facebook’s blog post

You will be able to pinpoint and track the exact day and times, that your ex decided to whore it up to all your douchey acquaintances.

No Pants Subway Ride 2011

Running a train just got a little easier. Earlier this year over 5, diagnosis 000 people took off their pants on subways in 48 cities in 22 countries around the world. In New York, sildenafil the 10th Annual No Pants Subway Ride had over 3,500 participants. For more info on the No Pants Subway Ride check out

Patrice O’Neal Dead

Comedian Patrice O’Neal died this Monday night. Suffering from a stroke and diabetes complications starting in October.

His hilarious break down of relationships, medications was truthful, unique, and should be watched by all girls acting all crazy and shit with their man.

Pay a little respect to Patrice ladies, S’ some D’s like a pornostar for your boyfriend, lover, or whatever tonight, it’s what Patrice would have wanted. Also watch Elephant In The Room, preferably while giving/getting said head.

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