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Jack Kevorkian Dies

Dr. Death Jack Kevorkian died today June 03 2011 at age 83 at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. Assisted suicide is still a hot button issue, this and Jack Kevorkian in his best efforts has brought this discussion to the forefront. It is everymans’ right to to die by delicious babe ass asphyxiation, sildenafil and there is no reason why the government should interfere between a man’s face and a woman’s ass.

photo via sugartalker

Shaq Retires, White Girls Relieved

After 19 NBA seasons, stuff Shaquille O’ Neal announces his retirement. Four NBA championships, side effects (only two behind Jordan, see photo) 5th all time scorer, 12th all time rebounder, 7th all time blocker, and 1st most stitches given to phat assed white girls.

photo via dontruinthend

Hangover 2 Weekend

Hangover 2 earned $137.4 million in five days. Meanwhile a Thai hooker made $10 in 5 days sitting on an extra bushy faced Zach Galifianakis look alike.



Snooki Crashes / Smushes Into Italian Police Car

Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, viagra 40mg crashed into a police car in Florence, Italy, sending two officers to the hospital.

Looks like smushing two Italians at the same time can be check off her Euro to do list.

South Park Live Action Movie

Reports are coming in that creators of South Park, cialis 40mg Matt Stone and Trey Parker, try are in talks of adapting their beloved cartoon South Park, into a live action movie. Casting is still in preliminary phase, but there is a good chance that the ass of Sasha Grey will play face of Cartman.

Osama Bin Laden Dead

If you are just now discovering about Osama Bin Laden’s death via, what is ed you are the best.

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced

A California Judge sentenced actress Lindsay Lohan to 120 days in jail yesterday, cure though she was bailed out after only 5 hours. Lohan stated that the situation was both “ridiculous” and “f**ked up.” Most people we’ve talked to stated that Lohan is both “ridiculous” and “f**ked up.”

Legendary Hottub Source of Legionarre Disease

The source of bacteria outbreak Legionarre Disease, cialis 40mg which affected 200 party guest at the famed Playboy mansion, seems to have come from the infamous grotto hottub. Officials from the Los Angeles health department confess results from tests would have been released earlier but scientist’s wives required them to avert eyes as they tested contaminated Playboy mansion  guests.

Tyson Autobiography Finally Has Title: “Tits Taste Better Than Ears”

The long awaited Mike Tyson autobiography, look which was originally slated to be released sometime in 2010, has finally been completed and given a title. The soon-to-be best seller, which is aptly titled (after much deliberation), ‘Tits Taste Better Than Ears,’ is set to hit bookstores just after Tyson’s latest acting venture, The Hangover Part 2, opens nationwide on May 26th. Other title ideas for the book included, ‘Who Spiked My Punches?,’Mike Tyson: Write Hand Knock Out,’ and ‘The Boxer’s Briefs.’

Yellow Lantern Green Lit

With the anticipated success of the upcoming superhero flick, page The Green Lantern, information pills a female asian friendly version of the popular comic book turned movie has already begun production. Said one Hollywood exec, “the audience is going to rove it. Though they may feel the need to see another movie about an hour or so viewing this one.”

Street Fighter IV Helps Japan

Ryu from Street Fighter is feeling a lil’ bummed after his dojo floated away during the tragic tsunami. In an attempt to cheer him up, adiposity Bison took some sexy Cammy photos and forwarded to him, this site we managed to hack Ryu’s phone and are sharing the photos with you all. If you want to  be like Bison and Cammy and cheer up and help other fellow Japanese victims feel free to purchase Street Fighter iV for iphone HERE, proceeds go towards Japanese relief efforts.

Change In Direction

Babezatron will now only post photos of lamps that look like babes spreading their legs, online hope you enjoy our new direction.

Mad Men Season 4 Now Available on Netflix

Season 4 of Mad Men is now available for DVD orders on Netflix. Time to eject ‘Dude I Banged Your Sister #8, order ‘ and pop in a little Don Draper action.

Sexual Deviant Scientist Reluctantly Worried Mutated Radioactive Japanese Babes Terrorizing Thoughts

As the threat of a Japanese nuclear meltdown increases hour by hour, sales scientists around the world worry of the possible emergence of highly mutated radioactive babes terrorizing inappropriate sexually charged Japanese disaster fantasies.

Please help the potentially radioactive Japanese babes by donating to your favorite rescue charity. If you don’t know where to donate then please donate to the Red Cross Japanese earthquake emergency rescue HERE

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