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3DD Book Review / Contest

3DD / Boobs in 3-D / Book Review

The most fantastic forms of entertainment comes in threes:  the three breasted lady alien in Total Recall, visit   the band Three Doors Down (maybe), what is ed and Photographer Henry Hargreaves’ 3 Dimensional Book about Boobs 3DD.

The moment we received the 86 page book filled with tasteful and tasty photos of breasts,  we were immediately giddy and excited. Some of us were noticeably way more excited. We immediately put on the the 3-D glasses that were provided in the book and flipped through the pages. There is a fun nostalgia factor of experiencing the red and blue 3-D that is totally remixed with viewing mature material.

We were in awe at the boobs popping right out at us. The boobs vary in size, shape, color, and sexiness but the photos are all packaged in a cohesive, fun, and sexy way. This is more of an artsy fun coffee table book rather than material you’d want to fap to. Nonetheless, do yourself a favor; buy it for yourself, your bestfriend, or creepy uncle. It’d be a great present for the upcoming Holidays.

Want a chance to win a FREE copy of 3DD? Then enter in our very first Babezatron Contest. Simply come up with the best caption for the photo above and win your own copy of the book and 3D glasses!

Rules: You must be 18 years or older to enter. U.S. residents only. Submit your caption either by replying/commenting on this thread or e-mail your caption to babez[@]babezatron[dot]com Maximum of 3 captions per person please.  Provide a proper working e-mail address in either the posting or e-mail. Editors of will decide a winner. Captions will not be posted until after the contest is over. Winner will be notified by e-mail and we will request a U.S. mailing address to send the prize. Deadline for final entries is 11/30/2010.

Twitter Pairs With iTunes Ping

Now you can let people know you’re secretly listening “The Beat of My Heart, stomach ” by Hillary Duff.

RELATED STORY: We also like Ke$ha.

Glitch Will Make iPhone Alarms Late Monday

The iPhone’s alarm app will not recognize the daylight savings time change going into effect this Monday. Users will have to create a special one time alarm for Monday morning. Or you can pretend you never read this and have a pretty legit excuse to show up late for work…either way.

Daylight Savings

It’s that time once again to set your clocks back and get naked one hour earlier.

TIME NOTE: Time travel still impossible.

TIME TRAVELER’S NOTE: Not anymore, cialis 40mg people of the past…

Prop 19 Fails

California Prop 19, ed decriminalizing possession of marijuana, try has failed to pass. Girls across California make sexy pouty faces and smoke in protest to the poll results.

Sony Discontinues Walkman

Today Sony Japan officially kills the Sony Walkman Cassette player. First launched in 1979, side effects since Sony’s Walkman has sold 220 million units worldwide. To put it into perspective, decease since 2004 Apple’s iPod has sold 240 million, as of January 2010.

We will truly probably not miss you all that much Sony Walkman, but let us take this moment and reflect on the great times we had together.

2012 Snow White Film

Brothers Grimm Snow White slated for 2012 is currently in production. To appeal to an edgier and hipper audience two new dwarfs will be added to the ensemble, clinic sleezy and breezy.

Fatal Shark Attack off the Santa Barbara Coast

Babes could do nothing but look on as a 20 old year man was fatally attacked by a shark off the coast of Santa Barbara California today.


Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Clash with TV Host Bill O’reilly

View hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar got into a heated argument with conservative television host Bill O’reilly just days ago. Unofficial sources have told Babezatron that the dispute stemmed from O’reilly’s outrage about the lack of loofas in his dressing room.

Roethlisberger Returns to the Playing Field After Playing the Field

Big Ben will return as quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday as they take on the Cleveland Browns. After the game, troche Ben plans on searching for some local Cleveland pink.

Brett Favre Sends Newdz

V sports personality Jenn Sterger says NFL quarterback Brett Favre sent her cell-phone photos of himself masturbating in 2008.  Pictures included a 40 year old married football all star, viagra dosage jersey less in Crocs running solo plays to his little Green Bay Packer.

James Franco What A Drag

For all the three people out there in the world that wanted to see James Franco dressed in drag here you go. Candy magazine has a some sort of editorial with more, there but why bother?

Emma Stone To Be Mary Jane in Spiderman

Emma Stone our beloved girl next door girl is said to be casted as Mary Jane Watson in the new 2012 Spider-Man Reboot film.  A crucial Spider Sploodge facial scene is already in the works says top VFX supervisor “We’ve been doing tons of research, more about trying to get the right consistency to stick on her face.”

Rick Sanchez Fired

CNN’s former news anchor, viagra sale Rick Sanchez, approved was fired for some remarks he made on a Sirius Radio interview. The ‘Rick’s List’ host suggested that Jewish people run all TV networks and calls Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart a bigot. We wouldn’t be surprised if he said he was super into babes that paint Swazis on their faces.

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