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Katy Perry on SNL

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We at Babeztron love SNL we love Katy Perry, however the premiere episode of season 36 was lacking. Primarily lacking our favorite male cast member, Will Forte and lacking good skits. The best part of the episode was when Katy Perry’s boobs bounced (its better on mute). Trust us when we say you didn’t miss much just watch the animated gifs of her boobs bouncing and consider yourself caught up. If you really want to waste your time go ahead and watch the skit in its entirety, <3 Maya Rudolph.

Bubble Porn

We should all already be aware of “bubble porn” where you take sfw images and create graphic circles covering the image to trick the viewer into thinking that the circles are covering a naked body, adiposity note the examples. If you want to know more about the origins, it basically came from a Mormon man trying to bypasses the “thou shall not look at porn” rule in his religion with a technique called “bubbling”.

Well what if you took it one step further and created tangible real “bubbles” and put it on a girl, it may look a lil something like this.

Hustler Presents Avatar XXX

Admit it, order when you watched James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D and you caught a glimpse of that blue side boob you got a little excited. Well now you’ll be able to see blue full boob and blue butts thanks to the visionaries at Hustler. Hopefully they’ll keep the amount of blue balls to a minimum.

Stop Motion Babes the New Rage

Booty Clap from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

The average internet fapper is getting quite bored with all the hot real babes clapping their bootys in the air. But fret not all you bored fappers, cialis 40mg stop motion animated babes will soon be fappable as Fapmation videos will be released in the near future, til then enjoy this little piece by Kirsten Lepore.

Katy Perry Street

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Our favorite pop star (as of todays date), has graced her presence and fun bags on our favorite street, Sesame Street! But if pairing her boobs with puppets isn’t a turn on, then here is another gratuitous Katy Perry photo just for you as well.

Are You Obsessed About The Right Thing?

On a serious note, shop ladies should do self examinations for lumps, bumps, humps, and shmumps on your lovely breasts ever so often, or at least ask a male counterpart to do a thorough examination. If non are available, the Babezatron staff will take one for the team and examine them for you.

This clever campaign for the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF), was created by agency DDB Group Singapore.

Chelsea Lately Sex Tape, Sexy

Chelsea Handler ( Lately), click has a sex tape. And we at babezatron think its hot, sales only because she reminds us slightly of Elizabeth Banks.

The Big Three

Lindsey Lohan has been convicted of drunk driving and will be following Paris Hilton’s footsteps into jail. Lohan will be prepping for her mug shot photo shoot this coming weekend and will then check into her cell as soon as Monday.

NEWS UPDATE: Britney Spears seen practicing her drunk driving.


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Stephanie Ragusa Pleads Guilty Topless

Sexy Tampa Bay teacher, buy Stephanie Ragusa is sentenced 10 years in prison for having sex with her two male students, pills (16 + 14). When asked if the boys had regretted anything during the school year, their reply was, they wished they had failed the class so they would have to take it over…and over…and over again.

Mozart’s Death

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A new theory about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ‘s death in 1791 at age 35, medical suggest he died from strep throat. It has been widely believed that he was always making out with tons of babes after his shows. Swapping spit with hot classical babes could have been the cause of Mozarts untimely death.

Sam Raimi to Direct World of Warcraft Movie

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World of Warcraft babes come out of their parents homes and go wild.

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