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Photo Of The Day 07.10.15


Photo Of The Day 06.12.15


Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never Video

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 2.23.46 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 2.22.24 PM

Twerkbot is a bi-pedal wonder created to save mankind from losing touch with the art of dance. Using various sensory stimuli & JAXX patented buttocks technology, clinic it mimics any form of lower body movement at near flawless accuracy. Whether its functions serve as a faithful instructor or a dance floor companion, doctor one thing is certain…the Twerkbot will bring dance back to mankind.



Photo Of The Day 09.30.14


Jennifer Lopez + Iggy Azalea Booty Video


Here it is, nurse a video where the monster butts of our time JLO and IGGY go ass to ass for about 4 minutes. We havn’t listened to the song, but we definitely have watched the video it’s pretty alright.

Photo Of The Day 07.05.13

Diplo – Butter’s Theme (ft. Gent & Jawns)

Gabriel Ayache, viagra approved Director.

Gravity by Michael Haussman

Gravity by Michael Haussman, online watch naked bodies move in super slow motion.

Stupid Sexy Flanders

Icky Blossoms

Icky Blossoms music video for “Cycle”. Video by David Dean Burkhart

Photo Of The Day 09.11.12

Sad Man Creates Virtual GF

Found via Geekologie

This is a video of a guy demonstrating his virtual reality girlfriend. She was created using a hacked Kinect, and some video glasses, pharm and a heaping scoop of sad, pervertedness. Her actual avatar is Hatsune Miku, a Japanese virtual reality pop star, and the object of more than one misguided man’s affections. 


Top 25 Katy Perry Breast Things

The fine fellows at BuzzFeed have put together a list of the top 25 things Katy Perry has worn on top of her breasts.

1. Lollipops


2. Strawberries


3. Film Reels

Film Reels
Image by Kevin Winter / Getty Images

4. Peppermint Candies

Peppermint Candies

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Photo Of The Day 06.09.12

Gregory Bojorquez

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