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Morning Stretching

Morning girlfriend stretches like these will also benefit you, erectile as your member also participates in some accidental stretching

Guitar Hero Review

I know we are a little late on reviewing Guitar Hero but we just found the article, seek better late than never, information pills enjoy!
Guitars are cool, but color matching guitar playing? There is no way tihs is gonna catch on. Oooh I pressed the green and red buttons at the right time, yea real fun.  Try busting this game out during a party and you’ll get made fun of immediately no one wants to watch and participate in baby time guitars. Final thoughts, if there is any game you’re gonna buy this 2005 Christmas try out Banjo Kazooie.

Japanese 69

Everything in Japan is wacky and wrong, ambulance yet this fail 69 is so right.

Haaaaaaaay Girl!

Farmers across the US, nurse after three days of deliberations, have finally agreed to hollaaaaaa.

Siamese Twins Risk It All

Siamese Twins, this conjoined at the ass cheeks, cialis 40mg are to undergo a risky ass to ass surgery. “This is to be the hottest fucking surgery I’ve ever performed”, says surgeon.

NEWS UPDATE: The “Ass to Ass” guy from Requiem For A Dream, will be in attendance yelling “Ayss to Ayss” prior to going under.

Wizard of Zo

Zooey Deschanel is in talks with movie studios in developing several new Wizard of Oz titles. An adult remake called Wiz in My Oz-hole is also in the works.

Anti Fur Activists Give Up

Local Anti Fur Activists have officially ended their pursuit in stopping animals from being used as fashion accessories. “We collectively said F-it, pharm these babes just make fur look too sexy” says local former anti fur activist sporting her new fox fur bracelet.

Lady Gaga Breast Implants

Lady Gaga recently announced she will be upgrading her breasts to double AK-47’s, viagra dosage and her penis to a bazooka.

Stephanie Ragusa Pleads Guilty Topless

Sexy Tampa Bay teacher, buy Stephanie Ragusa is sentenced 10 years in prison for having sex with her two male students, pills (16 + 14). When asked if the boys had regretted anything during the school year, their reply was, they wished they had failed the class so they would have to take it over…and over…and over again.

Anna Chapman Russian Spy, Spied Topless

Russian national Anna Chapman, ampoule a 28-year-old divorcee with a masters in economics, had been passing information to a Russian government official every Wednesday since January. However authorities are gonna let this one slide. “She looked like she learned her lesson”, says official. Authorities will be enforcing a mandatory facebook picture update from her 4 times a week for the next 6 months.

In Russia, facebook hacks you. Our team of Russian Horny spies hack sexy spies phone and reveal nude photo.

Hot Chicks Win the Fight for Facebook Privacy

Chalk up another victory for hot chicks. Is there anything they can’t do?

New Blackhead Studies

New studies show that extreme cases of blackheads on hot babes, discount don’t make them less hot.

Babe Dances for Babe Below.

Daisy Lowe for UK esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

Babe Really Enjoys Above Post.

“It’s a great video”, clinic exclaims babe.

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