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No More Button Fly

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The Levi’s family is apologetic to the millions of people that have been frustrated with the button fly invention. We have just realized that they are actually pretty annoying, there says James Levi.

Mickey Mouse has Illegitimate Child

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Good old Mickey Mouse is said to be the father of several illegitimate children. The mothers are alleged from the 90’s Mickey Mouse Show.

Leg Extension Surgery On Rise

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As gams have become more important to men, cialis 40mg babes have decided to be more involved in extended their legs. Gams surgeon says, I have more babe legs coming into the office asking for longer legs.

Arching Back, Good For You?

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Arching your back extends life by 2 weeks, and studies show.

Going to Brazil in 2010

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2010 the Brazilian ass will be at it’s ripest. Many have waited years for this year to arrive. “Si, malady I’ve waited years”, says local Brazilian man who has been waiting years.

Wired Phones Are Coming Back

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Black Hair Dye to run out in 2012

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Local girl stock piles black hair dye. “I’m prepared for the hair dye scare of 2012″

iPod Users Can Sneak Photos

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The new generation iPod and iPod touches allow creepsters to take sneaky pics of asses in the guise of listening to Oingo Boingo.

Emo Babe Watches Return of the King for 500th time

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Local babe watches Return of the King for the 500th time in her undies. “Gollum is so emo”, buy information pills says Return of the King babe fan.

Angelina Jolie Hackz Gmail

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Angelina Jolie from the movie Hackerz was able to hack into the google mainframe and disable gmail with virus.exe.

NEWS UPDATE: Fortunately an IT from Google known as Craig Gunn was able to disable the virus.

madoff joins indian gang

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Bernie Madoff has joined a Native American gang within prison. Reports of him using Indian rituals to rid his cancer are true. “Him have cancer, tadalafil we use him as our bitch”, says gang leader Tonto.

alaska earthquake disrupts bj

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The 4.1 magnitude earthquake located 58 miles from Anchorage, online disrupts local Alaskan couple from finishing the birthday fellatio. “For my birthday I usually get a 5 minute oral birthday present, buy information pills but this years present was interrupted prematurely by that damn quake.”, says local blue balls birthday boy.

obama health plan delay bums out hot babes

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Senate Democrats told Barack Obama to “slow down, thumb ” which could dash the hopes of putting the President’s sweeping health care reform bill to a summertime vote. Needless to say, babes were bummed.

toe fetish lovers are confused about toe thumbs on hands.



Megan Fox, visit web star of the upcoming Transformer 2 movie, site has confused many toe fetish lovers. “I want to see a topless naked Megan Fox, and but at the same time what the deal with that thumb?” asks 15 year old aspiring toe fetish perv.

NEWS UPDATE: Megan Fox will be topless in the upcoming Thumb Wars episode 4 dvd.

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