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Photographer Rocael

Photographer Rocael has some very sexy raw and fun images.

Sorority Obsession Leads Police to Anthrax Suspect

Investigators, there after several years of looking into a string of infamous anthrax-laced letter mailing crimes, healing finally closed in on Bruce Ivins, after Ivins emailed pictures of himself developing the deadly strain of the virus to a former member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, the sorority he had been obsessed with in college. Ivins overdosed on prescription pain medication before police could make an arrest and only weeks before Ivins himself could throw his annual anthrax-laced foam party.

Solar Powered Bikini


Plug me in babe.

Designed by Andrew Schneider, order this solar-powered bikini can pump some electric juice into your gadgads via USB connection. The bikini is fitted with photovoltaic strips that are held together with conductive thread.

“A solar film bikini that charges your iPod! (With a USB connection!) The suit is a standard medium-sized bikini swimsuit retrofitted with 1″ x 4″ photovoltaic film strips sewn together in series with conductive thread. The cells terminate in a 5 volt regulator into a female USB connection.”

Happy Anniversary

Lets take a moment to remember 10 years ago today, find because honestly you probably already forgot to never forget.

Long Lost Video

So you know that video you’ve been searching several months for? You know the one where hot brunette girl in a bikini jumps in super slow motion for a good 3 minutes? Yea that one, viagra well, we found it for you. You’re welcome.

My Friend Carlos Says…

My friend Carlos says that Mila Kunis is not hot. What say you?

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‘Rise’ Of The Apes

Not only was Rise Of The Apes an entertaining summer movie (sincerely it was go watch it), click so was watching this ape get his little chimp rise on with the help of Katy Perry’s banana bags.

Studies Show Carving Magazines Found Less Messy Than Carving Faces

Carved magazines by Nate Page

Champion or Chumpion? #04

Spilling the beans about the ending of that time traveling Jake Gyllenhaal movie is one thing, shop but spilling beans on top of yourself in a kiddie pool full of luke warm deliciousness while dudes take a few snapshots to put on their weird niche website? Don’t know what the champion or chumpion gods would have to say about it, you decide.

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Happy Birthday Selena Gomez

Happy 19th Birthday Selena Gomez, view for your birthday we got you a bunch of dudes jerking it to your photoshopped nudes and some hand written birthday cards written in blood and semen by at least 6 guys.

The Walking Dead Season 2

We here at Babezatron love The Walking Dead, viagra buy here’s the first scene from the upcoming season 2 of AMC’s hit show. Also here is a pretty epic poster depicting our heroes trapped on the roof of their RV. The Walking Dead will have its San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday. Hopefully season 2 has some sweet zombie sex action, either be it zombie on zombie or human on zombie, we are down with the undead.

Is It Just Me? 02

Is it just me or are her hands just too big and manly for her adorably petite hipster head?

photo via jaycinsta

Happy 93rd Bday Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is 93 years young today. Go get ’em NM.

Winking Making a Big Comeback this Summer

As the calendar continues to shed, see and the sun continues to warm, a trend that has been considered anything from creepy to dorky over the past few years is making a strong push to become the latter part of summers comeback kid. Across America, people are starting to wink again, and it’s a fashion statement now that cannot be ignored. Wink proudly readers.

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