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God’s Cruel Joke

Every high school girl looks like her now. And every junior high school girl is sluttier than her. And every middle schooler hates math.

Mr Ghetto Summer Anthem Video

It’s official Mr. Ghetto provides hands down, thumb bar none, remedy no contest, as if, pshhha, right?, the best music video/song of the summer. Asses shaking through the Wal-Mart aisles outshines that white girls skipping through Macy’s video by lightyears.

Ron De Jeremy Rum Review

Since the dawning of time (or at least the mid 70’s), adiposity Man’s two favorite indulgences have been alcohol and pornography. What could be better than having a sip of a tasty adult beverage and then watching two strangers have sex for money on video tape? The question then became, “how to combine the two?” Sure you could set the old super 8, splash around a little Evan Williams, and get freaky with your lady friend. But where’s the class and innovation in that? It would take an overweight, well endowed, mustache of a man to finally get it right. Enter Ron Jeremy and his delicious Ron De Jeremy rum. We got it, we tried it, we dog gone done did it. Here is what we remember…

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Friday the 13th PSA

On this Friday the 13th, healing Babezatron would like to remind you to try and avoid the following: the woods, physician lakes at which teenagers were murdered ten years ago to the day, viagra 60mg abandoned barns/shacks, long stretches of highway with no civilization in sight, campgrounds, high school reunions, bordellos, closed down mental hospitals, old mining towns, carnivals after they close, castles, dreams, remote tropical islands, graveyards, foggy areas, mirrors, underneath beds, rocking chairs on porches, and nursery rhymes.

Battling with ADD

Not totally in line what we usually post here, abortion but I really like the band, and there are glimpses off hot babes licking things, and just being cute. Give it a watch/listen.

Battles – Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) – taken from forthcoming album ‘Gloss Drop’ releasing June 6/7
Video directed by Canada

Cinco de Mayo PSA

On this Cinco de Mayo (or National Tequila Day), check Babezatron would like to remind you to have fun, but to be careful boyos…Ojo y no se hechen un cinco en Cinco de Mayo.

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced

A California Judge sentenced actress Lindsay Lohan to 120 days in jail yesterday, cure though she was bailed out after only 5 hours. Lohan stated that the situation was both “ridiculous” and “f**ked up.” Most people we’ve talked to stated that Lohan is both “ridiculous” and “f**ked up.”

Tie Dye Shirts Complain Stoners Not Groovy Enough

As stoners barely remember to celebrate 420, information pills tie dye shirts around the United States plea for a more groovy session. So please, won’t you be a lil’ more groovy, for the swirly li’ guys.

Yellow Lantern Green Lit

With the anticipated success of the upcoming superhero flick, page The Green Lantern, information pills a female asian friendly version of the popular comic book turned movie has already begun production. Said one Hollywood exec, “the audience is going to rove it. Though they may feel the need to see another movie about an hour or so viewing this one.”

Straightest Guy In Town Drops Bombshell

The straightest guy in a small north western town (owner of two, website yes two pickup trucks) admitted Sunday that, “if this is a dude…I’m into dudes.” Clearly, this dude is hot.


For the Record

Record industry executives sad that 45 year old record collector enthusiast forgets about April 16th “National Record Store Day”. We asked Tower Records publicists what their take was on the failed day, mind in turn he asked us for spare change.

Your Highness Review

So we planned on seeing YOUR HIGHNESS starring Danny McBride, dosage James Franco and Natalie Portman. Well what had happened was, search we thought it’d be so fucking clever if we smoked out and watched it high! Well like typical stoners we missed the showtime. But we made the best of it and decided to talk out and predict what the movie would actually be like then review our prediction of the movie. But then instead of doing that we had sex. In conclusion you should plan on watching YOUR HIGHNESS out in theaters now.

Street Fighter IV Helps Japan

Ryu from Street Fighter is feeling a lil’ bummed after his dojo floated away during the tragic tsunami. In an attempt to cheer him up, adiposity Bison took some sexy Cammy photos and forwarded to him, this site we managed to hack Ryu’s phone and are sharing the photos with you all. If you want to  be like Bison and Cammy and cheer up and help other fellow Japanese victims feel free to purchase Street Fighter iV for iphone HERE, proceeds go towards Japanese relief efforts.

Change In Direction

Babezatron will now only post photos of lamps that look like babes spreading their legs, online hope you enjoy our new direction.

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