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The Final Four is Here!

The Final Four in NCAA Basketball has arrived. No doubt both brackets and nuts will be busted all over tonight.

Quick Tips #07 How To Date Zelda’s Link

? ?

Ask her on a date politely and offer her 20 rupees, erectile and if she says no, Try Force.

Submission by Gil Brooks

My Friend’s 1st Reaction

This was my friend’s first reaction upon seeing this babe – slow lean forward; loud exhale; “I was gonna show you something funny, what is ed but I’d rather peep this.”

Question: Can I Get a Whoot Whoot?

Answer: yes

‘My Sister Did What?’

A local bro was shocked the morning after his Phi Beta Epsilon party when he saw pictures of his sister post beer pong and flippy cup games. Said the bro, this “my sister did what??”

Drunk Christina Aguilera Arrested

Christina Aguellereafdsfsfwfsdfsasg (sp?) was pulled over for burning rubber and fish tailing in the streets of West Hollywood. During the field sobreity tests, order officers asked her to spell her last name she drunkenly replied “I don’t think anyone can spell my name sober”. Its a pretty hard name to spell from memory, try it.

Meanwhile in Egypt

Soldiers are attempting to disperse the violent rioting by using hot babe soldiers, what is ed will it work? We hope so.

photo source ?

Los Angeles Rude

2011 Travel and Leisure Survey, information pills has concluded that Los Angeles is the rudest city in America. Up yours New York and guy who is trying to merge into a freeway lane.

Good Morning

“Waking up with 3 hot blondes every now and again never gets old”, symptoms admits lucky douchebag.

Quick Tipz #06

Asking a babe if they want to see your giant mushroom tip can sometimes get you sexy snow sex.

2011 Year of the Slutty Rabbit

2011 is the year of the rabbit according the Chinese calendar. It is believed it will be a prosperous and sexy year.

NEWS UPDATE: Babezatron will be off til the New Year, erectile enjoy, be safe, and take photos at your sexy parties for us.

Rudolph Shows More Than His Red Nose

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was suspended from flying on Xmas Eve as he inappropriately groped and flashed a few female Elves. Replacing him in line for sleigh pulling duties was Jennifer the Xmas stripper.

Playboy’s Tron Legacy

We are sure that all have you have already daydreamed about getting a glow job from lead actress Olivia Wilde (Quorra) from Tron Legacy. Well photographer Jared Ryder teamed up with Playboy in a “Tron” inspired photoshoot starring models Irina Voronina and Sasckya Porto, there to better help you daydream about uploading your hardrive into some inputs .

See more at Playboy

Quick Tipz 02

Always have a pack of Skittles laying around the house…because you just never know when a babe is going to ask you to cover her vag in candy.

photo found from natadamnthing

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