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Photo Of The Day 06.12.12


Emma Arvida Byström

Fun irreverent photographs by Emma Arvida Byström.

Photo Of The Day 05.25.12

via fuckyeahselfshooters

Richard Kern’s Phones

If you ever need a fashion designer that can design you some helicopter inspired shit Henrik Vibskov is your guy.


Kern + Babes + Phones, this site you wish you fucking thought of it.

Richard Kern is a photographer and a portraitist.  For more than two decades Kern has sought to unravel and illuminate the complex and often darker sides of human nature. Kern makes the psychological space between the sitter, try photographer and audience his subject. With his dry, matter of fact approach, he underlines the absurdity of truth and objectivity in photography while playing with our reliance upon taxonomies around sexual representation.’

The Good The Bad – 030

Sean Morris has some fun bizarre illustrations, see go check them the eff out.

Music video for The Good The Bad “030”, cheapest this fucking guitar gets way better pussy than you.

Directed by Jeppe Kolstrup. (
FREE MP3 Download of ‘030’ available at

Man Catches Half Human Half Mermaid







Valeria Lukyanova  always dreamed of being a real life Barbie doll.  After many surgeries from Dr. Ken, order her dreams have come true. Many more photos of Valeria Lukyanova on her facebook.


The runner up to the most interesting man has caught himself the first half human and half mermaid creature at sea. Some may say, decease “isn’t that just a full human”? And to that we say, “shut up you fucking nerd, its the first of it’s kind. Check out the video via our good friends at itr2010

Photo Of The Day 03.30.12


Danielle Levitt + Paz de la Huerta

Olivia Malone

Photographer Olivia Malone

Olivia Malone was born and raised on the east side of Los Angeles. She received her BFA in Photography and Imaging from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2004. She divides her time traveling between Los Angeles and where she lives now in New York. Her photography explores the transitions between youth and adulthood, look view emphasizing the period where freedom and independence define the essence of youth’s unabashed allure. Using subjects handpicked from her life, prescription she utilizes symbolic locations and real people to convey concepts that draw upon her own experiences in a symbiotically fantastical and candid world. Olivia has exhibited in group shows in Edinburgh, New York, Los Angeles and Austin.

Photo Of The Day 03.14.12

Petr Žižák

Deleted Scenez – Ghost

Simon Wald Lasowski

Photographer Simon Wald Lasowski finds beauty in the imperfect. Originally commissioned for Blend Magazine 2008.


Director duo Staston brothers create a pretty convincing commercial to rent bicycles from wherever the hell this rental place is.

Photo Of The Day 01.10.12

The Last Man on Earth – Gian Alfonso Pacinotti via flashglamtrash

Photo Of The Day

Sexily whimsical photos by Taiwanese photographer Chien-Yang.


We are going to try and do quick little posts everyday entitled photo of the day. Whatever photo we feel deemed worthy of being the days photo will get posted, recipe either funny, viagra cute, sexy, erotic, bizarre whatever works for that day. Feel free to submit your photos for photo of the day by emailing or tweeting a link.

Photo source Edward Wayne

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