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Speaking Of Kreayshawn

This Kreayshawn look a like, store looks a like shes getting it from the invisible hipster.

Juilia Galdo

Photographer Julia Galdo

Interview with Giovanni Lipari

Giovanni’s Death Of Youth series really struck a chord with us, advice we think most men entering their adulthood can easily relate to this project. His vision and purpose of the series hits it right on the head perfectly; stylistically, diagnosis thematically, and emotionally. Do yourself a favor check out the photos and read his Death Of Youth statement. We had a moment to pick his brain over a few emails, here is what came of it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your photo background?
Giovanni Lipari, Age 30. I’m Italian, unmarried, and a self-taught photographer.  I had a little photography training in school, but nothing past the basics that one would learn in secondary school. Light surrounds us and I’m constantly observing and studying it.

Is being a photographer your full time gig?
I am not a photographer professionally, I have been paid for it in the past.

Have you had your big break? If not do you think it’ll come? If so how did it feel?
I don’t know if such an event is possible.  Most people that are successful have worked long and hard for their accomplishments, which makes the “break” less of a singular experience, and more of just a part of life.  But I hope to have a “break” someday….. that would be wonderful.

You have fullfilled a fantasy that most men can only dream of. Do you feel like you are satisified with living “the dream” of the rock star photograhper?
Yes and No, The fact that I could fabricate “the dream” makes it impossible to fulfill.   But there is a sense of accomplishment that was created during the process of shooting this project.

Do you plan on continuing this dream?
Absolutely not.  It was exhausting, annoying, and expensive.  I’m happily looking forward to my next project…. which will have nothing to do with naked women.

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Happy Birthday Selena Gomez

Happy 19th Birthday Selena Gomez, view for your birthday we got you a bunch of dudes jerking it to your photoshopped nudes and some hand written birthday cards written in blood and semen by at least 6 guys.

Happy Passover

Now, ampoule how about you lift up that conservative long Jewish skirt and flip that ass over?


(In Yiddish accent) “You want I should lick those meat curtains? No dairy please”
(just incase you missed that joke, its because they can’t combine meat and dairy)

Tie Dye Shirts Complain Stoners Not Groovy Enough

As stoners barely remember to celebrate 420, information pills tie dye shirts around the United States plea for a more groovy session. So please, won’t you be a lil’ more groovy, for the swirly li’ guys.

Sexual Deviant Scientist Reluctantly Worried Mutated Radioactive Japanese Babes Terrorizing Thoughts

As the threat of a Japanese nuclear meltdown increases hour by hour, sales scientists around the world worry of the possible emergence of highly mutated radioactive babes terrorizing inappropriate sexually charged Japanese disaster fantasies.

Please help the potentially radioactive Japanese babes by donating to your favorite rescue charity. If you don’t know where to donate then please donate to the Red Cross Japanese earthquake emergency rescue HERE

Human Champagne-A-Peed

I’ll join…

photo found via justemanuell

Boris Hoppek

Boris Hoppek – German Street Artist has a nice photo collection of babes in strange scenerios. Check out his site for more.

New Theory Suggested; Geologists Hmmm In Unison

Theory suggests that South America and Africa may have been formed during sexy steamy teenage showering. Geologist require more extensive research in local teens bathroom to confirm. In addition Hawaii also may have been created when soap dropped.

Friends: The One Where Rachael Gets Naked

Best episode ever.

Star Whores: The Empiress’ Got Back

In an attempt to further diversify the Star Wars brand, visit George Lucas thinks about allowing the porn industry to do some licensed spoofs.

Movie Quotes #01

“Peach, website I could eat a peach for hours”


Cheap beer, viagra dosage check. Dildo in beer hand, check. Hotel key card…?

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