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Poll Results, Sweating Anticipation

Babes across the U.S are sweating in anticipation, advice especially in California where prop 19 and 23 are button issues. The results of the 2010 polls should be coming in at any moment cross your fingers and twist your nips this should be a close one.

Girls for California Prop 19

Girls around California are showing their sexy support for Prop 19 Legalization and Decriminalizing personal use of Marijuana. Keep em coming girls!

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Summer Ends

As summer comes to an end, no rx Babezatron proudly reports that sandy ass related deaths has come to an all time low to three. Our deepest condolences to the families of sandy rear end incidents.

Erica Simone Self Portraits

Can somone please hire photographer Erica Simone, rx poor girl is running around New York naked with no money to buy clothes for herself…on second thought don’t hire her.

Amidst Pressure, Local NYC Fruit Stand Scratches ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Panties, No Service’ Policy

The women can once again roam free inside of Joe’s Fruit Stand, viagra buy in Brooklyn, NY. After much protest from men of all ages, many of whom don’t even live in Brooklyn, the stores management has agreed to allow babes to dress (or not dress) however they please while shopping.

IN OTHER NEWS: Babezatron staffers will officially be switching to an all fruit diet…

Nothing Funny Here

This is just hot. Agreed?

Strange Looking Mermaid Has Two Legs, No Tail

Marine biologists off the coast of the Galapagos Islands, patient have discovered a mermaid of the strangest kind. This mermaid has the normal upper portion of a human woman body, prescription but oddly, and quite frankly inexplicably, has two human legs where the fish tail portion should be. Remarked one biologist, “the only thing I can say conclusively at this point is that I would for sure hit that.”

Heaven Gets a Sexy Makeover

Old men with white beards in white robes and sandals hanging out on clouds? No thank you. The fellas upstairs have decided to  “sex up” their look and have enlisted top designers from around the globe to help them do it. Said one church-goer, information pills “I always thought church was so boring before the new look. Now I want to give those pearly gates a pearly necklace.”

World Record Explosion

Shockwaves could be felt as far as England, pharm as Guinness Draft Beer documented the world’s largest sexual squirt explosion in weeks.

Torso Extensions Now Available

Short torso girls now have a chance at getting blogged after they go through excruciating painful process of getting their torso extended. “I only worry that blogs are too short to contain my longness” says long torso babe.

Wizard of Zo

Zooey Deschanel is in talks with movie studios in developing several new Wizard of Oz titles. An adult remake called Wiz in My Oz-hole is also in the works.

Puffy Nips On Rise

Local statistician has made an alarming discovery, here “simply put, puffy nips are on the rise.  Which is directly related to the rise in my pants”, claims local statistician.

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