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Anna Chapman Russian Spy, Spied Topless

Russian national Anna Chapman, ampoule a 28-year-old divorcee with a masters in economics, had been passing information to a Russian government official every Wednesday since January. However authorities are gonna let this one slide. “She looked like she learned her lesson”, says official. Authorities will be enforcing a mandatory facebook picture update from her 4 times a week for the next 6 months.

In Russia, facebook hacks you. Our team of Russian Horny spies hack sexy spies phone and reveal nude photo.

Happy 1 Year Birthday Babezatron!

To celebrate our 1 year birthday we ate a couple sweet cupcakes, nurse then had some chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

Local Girl Seeks To Destroy

Local girl seeks to destroy you with epic-ness.

G String Mag 2.0

G String Magazine, clinic initially a magazine featuring different types of G guitar strings and their owners, tries for a new edgier direction.

Hayley Williams Topless

No funny caption here, approved just the moment every guy under 25 has been waiting for, link   has arrived.

Westide vs Eastside

The fight over coastal supremacy still lingers on, stuff however it looks like the westcoast is in the lead.

Katy Perry Pissed on A Girl

Katy Perry’s next hit single is written while in shower, approved her inspiration comes from when she pissed on a girl and she admits she liked it.

2011 Girls Features New Features

The 2011 edition of girls will be iphone compatible .

Upsidedown Confusion Awareness

girls law loitering naked nude bathroom

Upsidedown Confusion, order a rare but a curable disease,  claims girls’ afternoon. Local girl hit with an episode of upsidedown confusion, causes brief hysteria in a local bath house.

Babes Vote – New Cut-Off Time For Drunk Dialing


Results of a National Babe Vote(NBV) regarding the cut-off time for horny dudes to drunk dial them is causing a stir amongst drunk night owls. Strip club regulars and poker game players who think their buddies don’t notice them texting alike are concerned that the decision to lower the cut-off time for a drunk booty call or a jealous tirade to 3am, viagra order am instead of the traditional 4am, click will not allow them enough time to have “just one more, and then call.” Horny dudes are set to appeal in front of some supreme babes following Thanksgiving weekend.

AAA to Now Offers Double D’s

link DD” src=”” alt=”AAA,DD” width=”600″ height=”877″ />

The long standing roadside assistance company AAA, unveiled their latest in customer service packages this week, rolling out ‘AAA/DD,’ in which the company sends hot babes out to fix your vehicle. The new program, which is a bit more costly than the traditional roadside services, provides not only assistance, but ASSistance as well.

Editor’s Note: These babes may not actually be able to fix your car….but who cares?

Halloween v2.0

halloween hot girls naked slutty slut spooky

Local girls decided their Halloween party was not as awesome as last year, website like this and plan to throw another halloween party later this week. More info later.

Was This Babe in My Kitchen?

Babe –


My Kitchen-


If this babe will please contact Babezatron staff, there we’re gonna need you back in my kitchen immediately.

New Sexy Zombie Virus

zombie halloween maid sexy outfit costumes candy tits

New zombie virus makes victims eat butt instead of brains.

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