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Girl Falls In Love With Reflection

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Southern Californian girl falls in love with her own reflection. “It was love at first site”, buy says Southern Californian girl. The reflection had no comment at the time.

Running Trains

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Running trains on trains has become a new hobby amongst bored unemployed members of society. Train conductor says, clinic “I’ve seen alot of trains being run on poor hot babes”.

Nurse Accused of Reusing Equipment


A nurse in Fort Lauderdale, this site Florida, stands accused of reusing dirty medical equipment on patients……dirty, dirty, very bad equipment…

3 Babes Better Than 1

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Studies show that 3 babes are better than 1, site says local scientist.

Ghostbusters 3

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Mandy Moore, buy Michelle Trachetenberg, and Natalie Imbruglia, will star in the new Ghostbusters 3 film. Director/writer Harold Ramis admits, “it’s just gonna make more money if they star in it, so I said eff it, lets get those babes in there”.

Kanye West offers to Swiftly Make Amends

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Taylor Swift and Kanye West will be teaming up in the coming months on a collaboration sex video featuring songs from their respected CD’s.

Hogan’s Phoned Hacked

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Hulk Hogans phone was hacked, approved and nude pictures of his daughter were found. Or maybe they were of his current girlfriend. “I can’t tell them apart either” admits a hulky Hulk Hogan.

Wired Phones Are Coming Back

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Elisa Cuthbert Wants You to Remember

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Elisa Cuthbert urges fans to remember that she still exists. And as an incentive for you to remember, viagra 40mg Elisa shows off her Elisa Cuthbert breasts to all.

Mirrors to have Cameras installed in 2010

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A prototype mirror camera hybrid is in development by Apple Inc. Features include uploading straight to youtube, ambulance photobucket, price and myspace. No word on what the iMirror will cost.

Post Labor Day is the new Labor Day

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Post hardcore girl claims Post Labor Day is the new Labor Day. Regular Labor Day is for losers.

Tila Tequila choked by Shawne Merriman

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Tila Tequila is used used to getting choked by big black men and their big black members, viagra however this occasion is quite different. San Diego police have arrested and charged NFL star for assault and Asian fever.

Heat Wave Melts Ice Cream

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Heat waves across America have been melting babes’ ice cream all over their heat wave babe bodies.

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