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Photo Of The Day 01.25.12

via Rebecca Thomas

Photo Of The Day 01.24.12

Cookie Bukookie, stomach and Pillsbary Doughrgy, Semoninnamon Cookies, and so forth…
-source unknown

Photo Of The Day 01.23.12

Ocarina of Time: The Death of THE GREAT DEKU TREE

via flash glam, viagra approved source unknown

Photo Of The Day 01.14.12

via unknown

Photo Of The Day 01.13.12

Photo Of The Day 01.12.12

Alva Bernadine

Photo Of The Day 01.10.12

The Last Man on Earth – Gian Alfonso Pacinotti via flashglamtrash

Photo Of The Day 01.06.12

Photo Of The Day

Sexily whimsical photos by Taiwanese photographer Chien-Yang.


We are going to try and do quick little posts everyday entitled photo of the day. Whatever photo we feel deemed worthy of being the days photo will get posted, recipe either funny, viagra cute, sexy, erotic, bizarre whatever works for that day. Feel free to submit your photos for photo of the day by emailing or tweeting a link.

Photo source Edward Wayne

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